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5th Avenue x Broadway, Flatiron Building

So this is the famous building called The Steam Iron. Finally I can take a snapshot of it...
Unfortunately, a flower kept getting into my viewfinder.
"I'm taking a picture of the Iron, not you," I cautioned the blossom.
Each time the flower bowed aside, but as soon as I aimed my lens at the Iron, it sneaked in again.
"Stop playing games," I said. "Everybody takes pictures of that building," the flower snapped back, almost sobbing.
"But I'm a lot more photogenic than that heap..." To support her statement, she pulled out a photo-album with portraits of her.
"Actually, one modeling agency offered me a job," boasted the flower, "But they say I'm still too young."
I gave up, and took pictures of the Iron with the flower. I'm sorry, but there was no other way around it!
But I should add that the photos in her album weren't bad at all...