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“So, how is going?” the first one says, turning to the second one.
“What about me? You’re not gonna ask me?” says the third one to the first one.
“Oh, sorry. How is it going?”
“Just fine, thanks,” snarls the third one.
“"Don't you want to talk about something else for a change today?" asks the fourth one.
“Sure, but we don’t know what to talk about,” says the first one.
“Shut up then,” says the fifth one.
“We were quiet the whole afternoon,” pleads the third one.
“Well, talk, then, but keep it quiet, all right?” snaps the fifth one.
“Let them talk, it’s a boring day anyway,” proclaims the sixth one.
“Okay, who'll start?” asks the seventh one.
“So, how is it going?” asks the first one.