Fri Aug 13 12:16:10 1999

Tue Aug 17 04:41:32 1999
YES I FOUND IT! HI MARKETA. How does it feel to be home? Hope your trip back to Prague was nice. All is well here and we send our love, Jim and family

Sat Sep 11 22:48:28 1999
Ahoj Marketo Ziju v N.Y asi rok a tvoji stranku jsem nasel nahodou neni spatna nato ze je teprve v zacatku jak uvadis. Ziju na Ridgewoode muj e-mail je ahoj

Mon Nov 29 20:52:47 1999
AHoj Marketo.Mesto i NY jsou skvely, moc se mi libi tvoje fotky. laaky

Sun Mar 5 11:31:45 2000
good job!

Mon Mar 6 03:19:23 2000
Marketa, Would love to contribute NY photos for your project. Leo

Tue Mar 7 00:09:45 2000
nice place to visit, but.....

Thu Mar 16 05:49:08 2000
Pretty neat. Wish the pics were clearer though. Also you might want to explore other ways of delivering sound over the web, especially Flash 4. But nice job, good idea. Hugh Mann "because you knead wrybread"

Thu Mar 16 05:50:02 2000
ps- I'm really surprised you don't have more messages in your Opinion file after being sighted on Project Cool.

Thu Mar 16 13:09:59 2000
I love your map!!! Last year we stayed for 5 days in NYC an had a great time. I think NYC is one of the most exciting cities in the world. To get an expression of NYC you could add some thousands of things.

Fri Mar 17 19:42:17 2000
more fluid. the city surprizes. too many things in the city are overlooked because they are in a cityscape context. how bout you magnify an area..i can go in and look at each store front video stream updated monthly or real time.

Sun Mar 19 02:23:16 2000
this is great, a rare find: artistic grit. thank you.

Sun Mar 19 09:00:02 2000
b.j. - n.e.

Tue Mar 21 22:03:10 2000
Ahoj Markétko, moc jsme se New Yorkem nepro_li. Ňák nám to nefunguje. Moc Ti fandíme a máme Tě rádi. A'ka,Milan,Kateřina Hostinec V Holi, Průhonice

Tue Mar 21 23:15:26 2000
a very cool site! How did you record the sounds? On a dat? By the way, IT pushed the lady off the balcony and hopped on that bus out of New York Atlanta. You need to go there now. Alan

Wed Mar 22 06:19:25 2000
I'm an ex-New Yorker and haven't been back there in 20 years.Your map made me nostalgic for the city for the first time in those many years.I've sent your site to friends who know the city and friends who would like to. It's a great surprise to know that you are not a New Yorker or is it? One suggestion I would like to see is designing your own route or tour and letting the site then take you from stop to stop, with appropriate pauses.You could just leave it on and check back from time to time. Just a thought. Thanks, Joe

Thu Mar 23 12:43:54 2000
Hi there, just wanted to let you know that your site's the best NY site I've ever seen on the web (and I've seen a lot!). I've been to NY in February for the first time and it definitely won't be the last time. Unfortunately I only had one week, so of course I didn't manage to see all the things this "world" has to offer. Well, keep up the good work. I'll surely check back regurlarly. - Ajay

Thu Mar 30 01:06:54 2000
It looks fantastic. Are some of the pages suppose to be blank or have no sound? It's abstract and yet tangible enough - It really gives me a feeling of being in the city. The initial map is too abstract - maybe it didn't download all the way. If it's a map - maybe you can make it less abstract - because I'm from LA and I'm not that familiar with NYC. Tatiana

Tue Apr 4 07:44:17 2000

Tue Apr 4 17:45:20 2000
I really like your idea and I love the site. It reminded me so much of NYC I could even smell the streets. How about some views down into the streets? Thanks. Liz Carr

Tue Apr 4 19:18:50 2000
thats the best thing i ever seen thax!

Tue Apr 11 19:57:04 2000
Dear Marketa, your NYCMAP is really fantastic. James

Tue Apr 11 20:37:45 2000
Clever concept, but why so abstract. The pictures are blurry and you explanations bizarre. It may be art, but you could really create a fascinating tour with just a little more clarity. I'm from NY and living in San Diego. To have a true virtual tour available to those who've never been there would be amazing.

Tue Apr 11 21:11:31 2000
what da hell is this site about??? I need a real map find location, not stupid big picture and sound which takes forever to load. Look, most people have 56K modem, and I dont want it to takes a minutes load an images. The site is badly design and hard to navigate, looks like u hire a high school kid to design this. Look, if your site name "nycmap" , I want a real detail map of 5 borought of the city, where u can find to locate an address. If u want to put sounds and picture, fine, just make it small. Maybe, you can make a map of the city that u can create some sector of the map where they have picture of that location, know what I mean. Ok, I hope I will see better design and a real map in the site in the future.

Tue Apr 11 22:47:29 2000
i think that this is so sick and stupid for people to see your web site might get people go blaid.

Thu Apr 13 16:21:56 2000

Sun Apr 16 12:10:12 2000
Long Island

Tue Apr 18 13:51:28 2000
pomooc maminko pomooc uz mi nezbyva sil

Fri Apr 21 00:18:42 2000
great job! it's awesome!

Fri Apr 21 01:44:00 2000
I luv your website! It reawlly gives you that insight of NYC other websites can't give you. Also luv the sounds! Makes you wanna visit NYC one day - just browsin', Manchester, UK

Mon Apr 24 00:24:20 2000
It's suck !!

Mon Apr 24 00:25:00 2000
I'ts big suck

Mon Apr 24 00:26:08 2000
pochrzaniona strona nyc moogli byscie sie postarac!!

Mon Apr 24 03:08:43 2000
great idea, fab pics and well put together, anyone who doesn't like this has no taste!! tracy:) UK

Tue Apr 25 18:27:30 2000
IT IS VERY NICE. Jovanka @

Tue Apr 25 18:28:02 2000
IT IS VERY NICE. Jovanka @

Tue Apr 25 18:29:14 2000
IT IS VERY NICE. Jovanka @

Thu Apr 27 11:23:08 2000
where is the map?

Fri Apr 28 00:46:42 2000

Fri Apr 28 01:36:20 2000
SUCKS: I have known map sites...this is no map site.

Sat Apr 29 18:06:30 2000
I was quite skeptical at first - but it's a great site. It's a little hard to read the text - but the images and sounds really capture things. Well, expect maybe there isn't enough car honking :) Jeff

Sat Apr 29 21:42:05 2000
Some of your images capture the essence of NYC, others are just too artsy fartsy. It takes a good eye to know the difference. I like the mixture of pics w/ sound though. Definately an excellent attempt. Where are images of the park? No tour of NYC is complete w/o the park.

Sun Apr 30 13:02:56 2000
Pretty cool, I really enjoyed the tour.

Mon May 1 19:59:19 2000
hi, i think this site has some potential pictures but no substance, no basis as to why you put this site up. not information. Keep going- and good luck. go in peace. amanda

Tue May 16 04:22:39 2000
Great site! It's really cool to explore... especially if you've already been to NYC!!!! (was there for vacation last year). Greetings from monterrey, MEXICO

Sun May 28 10:19:24 2000
My name is Roberto from Turin ( Italy).I apreciated your documentation of New York, I'd like to have more informations about your experiences. Thanks very much. My E mail is:

Tue May 30 16:29:03 2000
This is severely cool, make it bigger and more hardcore!!

Tue May 30 23:38:21 2000
I love it! Not being familiar with NYC, it would be helpful to have a small street-map window, so I know where I am relative to the rest of the city. Good resource for my 2 month visity late summer 2000.

Thu Jun 1 01:41:15 2000
dear ?

during the last hour i spent a nice holliday in NYC. i am very impressed by the pictures and the nice text on this page. i live in switzerland (from where the chese, mountains and cocolat is at) exactly from bern, the capital of switzerland. i have been to london (england) and paris (france) for a few month and was very impresses by the big city live and everything that goes with it. and now that i am sitting home in front of my screen i feel litle like at that time when i lived in london. the trip through your page is more than just watching pictures of new york. it is an experience. it is like being shown a photo album. all the pictures tell storys. pictures that have been taken by someone that is walking throu the streets with open eyes and an open mind. so i just want to say thank you a lot for this trip. i haven`t discoverd the whole page and am not absolutly sure what it is what is out there (in NYC) but i aded the side to my favorites and i am coming back to see and read some more about it.
see ya


Thu Jun 1 18:31:39 2000
nice,very nice. Thank You

Mon Jun 5 07:34:46 2000
check out my

Wed Jun 7 15:46:33 2000
times square

Wed Jun 7 23:52:23 2000
en espańol muy buena su pagina, los felicito, todo un imaginario urbano... m.

Sun Jun 11 23:01:25 2000

Thu Jun 15 06:14:39 2000
take some time away from the computer

Mon Jun 19 21:24:04 2000
I don't know what I was supposed to find, but I have bookmarked so I can listen to that beautiful loop at least a few times a week... Dekuju --- Oxygen Smith (

Mon Jun 19 21:24:30 2000
I don't know what I was supposed to find, but I have bookmarked so I can listen to that beautiful loop at least a few times a week... Dekuju --- Oxygen Smith (

Tue Jun 20 06:52:21 2000
hi, i'm an architecture student in University at Buffalo. i'm working on a project and was looking for some maps and images of cities..this kind of psycological map(i don't know what to call, so..) is exactly what i pictured..i do think this is amazing site to look at.. - Suhyun Yi - e-mail:

Tue Jun 27 00:51:41 2000
This is suppose to be one of the greatest cities there is, but I can't believe that they would allow anyone to create an annoying website such as this,when all you want to do is find information you need. Sorry you need to try something else, not only it is annoying, it is also boring.

Mon Jul 3 08:58:57 2000
I am surprised... This is special, personal site... Very unusual site... thank you

Thu Jul 6 02:42:53 2000
I thought interesting the time I found the site at yahoo, but I imagine that I would be able to walk in some streets that I choose. Well the idea to make this type of site is very cool, but it could be more flexible. Bye bye. Send informations for

Fri Jul 7 02:09:14 2000
I just got back from NYC. This site was very evocative. Great combination of audio and photos. Crazy random navigation added to the effect. felix turner

Sat Jul 8 19:19:50 2000
Opravdu pěkná stránka. Rád jsem si sám zavzpomínal na čas, který jsem před 2 lety strávil v NY. Jen tak dál. David Kazda

Wed Jul 12 00:37:13 2000
It's effing brilliant!

Wed Jul 12 10:43:35 2000 Real cool! I'm from NY, but I now live in Germany. So it's nice to see how things are going in th "city". I'm also in school learning how to make websites(Html, Javascript, etc), so yours is of course very interesting to study. I also read the NewYorkTimes on the web every morning, and that's where I found your site. Great work! Cya, Pete

Wed Jul 12 13:33:56 2000
výborný! skvělý fotky, zvuky i texty. nic takovýho jsem je_tě neviděla :-) klára

Wed Jul 12 17:51:35 2000
Hlavne, ze jste se tam v te Americe neztratila.Byla by Vas skoda, such a pretty girl.

Thu Jul 13 18:44:21 2000
Spojenými státy jsem byl posedlý ji_ od základní _koly, co_ bylo je_tě za hluboké totality. Asi to nemělo racionální původ,proto_e jsem v té době _ádného člověka _ijícího tam osobně neznal, a ani informací,předev_ím pozitivních, nebylo moc. Ale bylo to prostě tak. Po sametové revoluci jsem se dal na vydělávání peněz a budování firmy. První dovolená při_la v roce 1995. Samozřejmě jsem se vydal do města měst NYC. Hned první večer po příjezdu jsem se dostal na vrchol Empire state building a byl jsem jejich. New York city prostě není jen nějaké město, je to _ivý organizmus, který nejen, _e sly_íte ale i cítíte jeho chvění. Prostě nepopsatelný pocit. Od roku 1995 tam jezdím ka_dý druhý rok, samozřejmě bez cestovní kanceláře a mohu říct, _e u_ město docela slu_ně znám. Doporučuji ka_dému váhavci aby se tam vydal, určitě nebude litovat. Z ničeho nemějte obavy, nav_tívil jsem v_echny městské části( mimo Bronxu !!!) a hlavně POU®ÍVEJTE METRO - je bezpečné a rychlé !!! Tip na výlet: lodí z Battery parku na Staten island (byl jsem tam ubytován) - uvidíte nádherně Manhattan a sochu svobody a JE TO ZADARMO !! Josef

Fri Jul 14 21:25:58 2000
Having never been to New York, aside from films, novels, word of mouth, I found your map to be an inviting personal . labyrinth of images and sound that evokes the rhythms of your private/public city. Thanks. I guess I'm particularly interested because I just began something similar, but with short web films instead. If you have a fast internet connection check out my new site: It's over here in San Francisco.

Sat Jul 15 19:08:49 2000

Fri Jul 21 22:46:33 2000
Great site. A good idea translated to the website, and good fun too.

Wed Jul 26 03:34:58 2000
Hi, i love your page - please put a little bit BRONX ón it. Regards Udo ( -

Wed Jul 26 21:33:30 2000
This is exactly my vision of the web--a tool that can transport a person from where they are sitting to another place. I love this site. I wish it were a little faster though, it took a long time to download pictures and sounds, and I don't use a modem!

Thu Jul 27 05:13:50 2000
no all i want to see first of all things is a sreet map

Thu Jul 27 10:36:02 2000

Thu Jul 27 10:39:58 2000
see the map

Mon Jul 31 05:10:59 2000
WOW! Thanks for the inspiration! Taylor

Mon Jul 31 23:12:13 2000
Dear authors, vlastně mohu česky.? Va_e prýma my_lenka se jistě postupem doby vybrousí do dokonalej_í podoby. Lidé chtějí divadlo, tyjátr a k tomu je potřeba vyu_ívat v_echnu nabízející se techniku SW pro masy, např.RealPlayer atd... Více zvuků, více animace to láká a dobře podáno i poučí.Va_e stránky jsou přehnaně strohé a jednoduché,ale proto jsou mo_ná taky tak hezké. Dr_ím Vám palce, a' dojedete brzy do dal_í stanice. Jaroslav Bekeský(stavitel)Praha emajl :

Thu Aug 3 15:06:10 2000

Thu Aug 3 17:42:09 2000
jsi fakt dobrá. Nikdy jsem v NY nebyl, ale jako by se stalo. i kdy_ to je asi přehnané... jirka třeba bude_ mít chu' napsat

Fri Aug 4 16:44:56 2000
Your sight is way too screwy. Impossible to find anything on there

Tue Aug 8 20:15:14 2000
Want to talk with someone regarding exhibition of the site at a party for Money Magazine. Please e-mail me at or call me at 212-522-6975 Thanks Ron Solomon

Thu Aug 10 02:18:56 2000
I want to find Prince St. in SoHo

Fri Aug 11 18:35:40 2000
I think this site is depressing. New York is much better than this!

Mon Aug 14 00:44:28 2000
this is a great site! the sounds and images are true to the loud life style of new york. reality has been made into art.

Thu Aug 17 13:57:41 2000
hey, I tried to find the real map of NYC. From where can I find that? By the way, these pages are well done, bud'! Greetings from Finland! from Tero

Wed Aug 23 03:15:30 2000

Sun Aug 27 06:41:12 2000
marketa : I thoroughly enjoyed the NY map. I certainly think that you have managed to capture that certain "something".... I also liked your homepage...although I must say that I hope see more of the transformed you ! Vatsan

Tue Aug 29 18:59:59 2000
I couldn't really find anything... but God! what great graphics and sounds! Congratulations.

Tue Aug 29 19:00:05 2000
I couldn't really find anything... but God! what great graphics and sounds! Congratulations.

Sat Sep 2 10:51:11 2000
ahoj, tak jsem projizdela tvuj NY a zastesklo se mi po tom meste, hned bych tam jela zas. Musim to ukazat sve kolegyni, ktera tam byla asi pred mesicem. takze te zdravim marta

Sun Sep 3 15:46:09 2000
doperdealy co to je.

Sun Sep 3 23:11:05 2000
I think your map is wonderful!!!! I would like to talk to you about sharing your ideas about using the Internet as and artistic medium with my students. Thanks!]Steve

Mon Sep 4 00:11:27 2000

Thu Sep 7 05:16:16 2000

Sun Sep 10 08:27:25 2000
great page

Mon Sep 11 11:14:15 2000
well im coming to U.S.A to new york city in october and im very hapy end im visit new york the firist timm in my laif teank yuo for the map its very good

Mon Sep 11 21:25:30 2000
hi, I liked the site a lot. It's not a tourist guide, it shows the real life in the Big Apple, and this makes it more interesting. It is different from the ordnary sites with the sightseeings. The only part that should be improved is the navigation, I think. The visitor gets confused with those "east", "west", "uptown" and "downtown" signs and can not find a way out! I also think that a map of New York with the different sectors should be included. Thank you very much and keep on the good work!

Sat Sep 23 12:37:32 2000
ummmm.. duh.

Sat Sep 23 18:14:02 2000
It's really hard to see the did mean to make it fushcia didn't you? I have found that when putting wording on a busy page, it is very difficult to find a colour that will make the wording visible and stand out. Good luck!

Sun Sep 24 03:50:56 2000
Great site, great ideas. There is so much you can do with it. You could do all the areas of the city. Please keep adding to it. Reminds me of my trip there years ago. I like to see the REAL NYC!

Tue Sep 26 00:33:45 2000
Clever, artfully done, interesting, Thank you.

Wed Sep 27 14:55:03 2000
What a load of shit I have never been so board in my hole enteire life I was looking for information on new york and all i found was a pile of fresh grade 1 kentucky horse shit

Thu Sep 28 11:36:45 2000

Thu Sep 28 13:44:23 2000
!!!POWERFUL....!! The best half an hour holiday I ever had!Thank you sooo much.... ->MILAN

Sat Sep 30 17:13:59 2000
I would want to know how to go by public transport from the airport J.F.K. to the city center in New York. Please, send me information before November 2000 to my e-mail, which is:

Sat Sep 30 17:15:31 2000
I would want to know how to go by public transport from the airport J.F.K. to the city center in New York. Please, send me information before November 2000 to my e-mail, which is:

Tue Oct 3 05:21:01 2000
Surprised! Prekvapen! Sipku "Uptown" etc. jsou bez vyzhaveneho monitoru spatne videt. Mirne jejich zviditelneni bymi pomohlo s orientaci. Diky za pebry napad! Mirek

Tue Oct 3 12:36:51 2000

Wed Oct 4 00:41:33 2000

Fri Oct 6 11:45:22 2000
Ď think, it is very interesting project you have done. A lot of successes in your future....

Tue Oct 10 16:24:13 2000
Quite frankly, I can't figure how to USE your site. I'm simply trying to find my way to a particular address but there doesn't seem to be a search engine here. The graphics/pictures & sound are great fun, but I couldn't get the job done! (By the way, your red print doesn't come through very well on the usually pretty dark photos & background!

Wed Oct 18 23:03:41 2000

Thu Oct 19 20:58:49 2000
Markéta, I went through the map. it's beautiful, I enjoyed the trip the very much. Let's get together soon Josefina Ayerza

Mon Oct 23 03:22:23 2000

Thu Oct 26 09:52:35 2000
This map sucks. No map

Wed Nov 1 01:38:41 2000
Ahoj krásná kočko, viděl jsem Tvou fotku v T3, a čet rozhovor, se_ skvělá, krásná a chytrá, ta tvoje mapa me dost překvapila, fakt dobrý, no nic, u_ se_ asi i zadaná, kdyby ne, ozvi se mi na kdybys chtela pokecat i jen tak ahoj

Wed Nov 1 01:42:46 2000
it s one of the most stupid sites that i ve ever seen , in my life nothing to do with a map , pffffffffffffff sucks

Fri Nov 3 17:06:30 2000
I love NY more than anything on this Earth. I was there last year and would love to come back someday soon. If only my Father would give me the info I need, I could apply for my green card, heres hoping. I don't really know what this will achieve but following is my e-dress

Fri Nov 3 19:49:50 2000
The red on blue? make for difficult reading.

Fri Nov 17 03:19:56 2000
Would like to add to your New York>>>What the hell are the hot dog vendors thinking??? A perspertive from the hot dog man or woman.

Mon Nov 20 15:15:33 2000
Ahoj,je to fajn aj ked sme to nevideli uplne vsetko. Drzime palce do dalsich projektov,. Andrea,Ivan a Lenka ( V©VU BA )

Thu Nov 23 16:15:48 2000
downing st.

Fri Nov 24 05:10:05 2000
your efforts to be artistic have created one of the worst web sites available to the public. horrible design.

Sat Nov 25 11:49:09 2000
Hi ! I am from Germany near Berlin.I think the map is good but i think you have to make more pictures from important points like shops (macies?;tifany?).But i like the site because it is the first real NYC Map site. Go on ! greets from Germany David P.

Wed Nov 29 01:17:54 2000
pretty cool site I couldn't get to my apt... very creative.

Wed Nov 29 14:53:07 2000
That was the dumbest "map" I have ever seen! It wasn't even a map, just pictures of places in NYC that I have no idea where they are! If someone is looking at this site and has never been to NYC, they will leave this site just as clueless as they came. Why don't you just put on a line map where people can click on the actual map to see photos of the area, duh!

Sat Dec 2 15:52:01 2000
Ahoj tato stránka je super i ta mapka do New Yorku jet je můj velký sen a v létě si ho splním je to super moc se tě_ím ahoj Jindra

Sat Dec 2 15:53:10 2000
Tato stránka je super jet do New Yorku je můj velký sen a v létě si ho splním ahoj a přeji hodně _těstí

Sat Dec 2 15:54:07 2000
Tato stránka je super jet do New Yorku je můj velký sen a v létě si ho splním ahoj a přeji hodně _těstí

Mon Dec 4 04:25:11 2000
hi writing from CNET... you need to change the color of the font on the entrance page... Amazing graphic...but I can't read the links...

Tue Dec 5 16:25:30 2000
I want to find out 128 Old Stone Road Pond Ridge New York Zip 10576 kindly let me know it

Fri Dec 8 11:39:25 2000

Sat Dec 9 22:33:54 2000
Very cool! Thanks!

Sun Dec 10 17:47:05 2000

Sun Dec 10 21:09:38 2000
this is a very not good website a people who are not from new york and dont now vry mach english are cant be in this website and that are a lot of people

Sun Dec 10 21:44:47 2000
i pretty enjoyed u´r page. my tip would b to more "zoom out" on your pics so one could see more of the scene they were taken from. but then some details would get lost, too. dem sounds are great, sometimes they give more information than the photos (doesn´t mean the photos are bad :) )so u should give em a bit more bits and seconds. one last: there should be a daylight-view from the Worldtradecenter( w is 23rd in the alphabet; check tha illuminati-shit...) in order 2 recognize things. peace 2 everybody, visit me at UND ZÄHNEPUTZEN NICHT VERGESSEN SUNST KUMT DA KRAMPUS UND HAUT EICH ES GUATE OBE !

Wed Dec 13 19:33:04 2000
I couldn't fnd any usefull information. also, do you have translation of the German from Bewegungsmelder Magazine

Wed Dec 13 19:46:15 2000
Hi, my name is David and I just took a quick look through your site. I realize it is more art than a guide to the city. Though it is lacking in that respect, I do find it interesting. Please take a look at my Web site and tell me what you think. Maybe we can work together somehow. the web site is: p.s. the photo gallery will be updated in a few days i can be reached at or through the contribute section of my Web site.

Wed Dec 20 05:16:18 2000
Very strange and very cool. It's quite somthing. Howie

Thu Dec 21 10:59:31 2000

Thu Dec 21 19:20:40 2000
what a mess!!! I was looking for a map and I found an awfull and depressing nyc. Whith this site nobody would like to go to NY. Take it out of the site.

Mon Dec 25 00:02:23 2000
i dont care what anyone else says. its a master piece. i love your should be proud.fuck what other pepole think,i think it rocks!!!!! it is my dream goal to live in new york when i am 18, your map showed me what i have to look forward to.thanks alot mate. nicks nz

Mon Jan 8 20:31:21 2001

Wed Jan 10 08:42:39 2001
Madison Square garden

Wed Jan 10 22:17:52 2001
When i came into this site, i was coming because i thought this "virtual map" could help me go anywehre in the city i wanted to. whomever made this map wasn't very clear about anything. i expected to actually see the map with streets in order and virtual pictures. for instance, when i went into the "subway" all i could do was go either uptown or downtown. i personally had no idea where or what streets i was supposedly on. the pictures were blury and didn't give anyone in my household a good idea of what it was actually like. i thought when being in the subway i would at least see the lady who stands still the whole day and moves when given change or even anything else but, just showing the ceiling of the subway or even blury pictures of in the train was just pointless and not interesting. i could have done a better job than whomever did this one. i actually thought it was going to be a really enjoying site by the title of it's site. i would love if you or whoever reads this. could replie to me and at least explain to me what this sites purpose was. my email address is:

Tue Jan 16 21:01:25 2001
Would you like to do a banner exchange? Greg

Fri Jan 19 22:10:31 2001
Good job, lots of work, but you did well. Don't understand it, but it looks good.

Mon Jan 22 17:01:13 2001
Ahoj Chystame se na 4 dny do New yorku, myzete mne dat kontakt na nejake levne ubytovani v centru a par typu, co zajimaveho navstivit. Diky Radek

Fri Jan 26 20:09:35 2001
Ahoj,tady super lidi z velkoměsta,které se jmenuje Děčín.Stránky New Yorku NIC MOC,Děčín má lep_í(více fotek) republic)

Wed Jan 31 16:49:50 2001
hello, i love your idea. the photos are great and the sound bites too. i will have to finish navigating it another day, but it was a nice stop on my search for a regular map!

Thu Feb 1 18:31:59 2001
i think that you should havea very detailed map of new york otherwise you will not haveas many visitors as you would have

Thu Feb 1 21:28:16 2001

Thu Feb 1 21:31:10 2001
can u tell me something about new york plz. well can u send me a map with the state capitol and tell me and a map of the major bodies of water and a pitcher of the state flag and the square miles of ny and the current population and plz use coler well thank u plz send it by feb. 10th thanks

Fri Feb 2 04:44:35 2001
I like it. I will tell my friends about it.

Sat Feb 3 21:40:03 2001
hay everybody!!! we are french and we find that site great.

Tue Feb 6 18:18:29 2001
to see people on the street rapping now hear

Sun Feb 11 08:46:39 2001
j'adore , j'adore. c'est fantastisque !!! merci , merci, merci et bravo. bises
|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
Salut - Bye - Tschus - Adios - Ciao - Yassou - Salam

Mon Feb 12 11:29:40 2001
Hallo we saet in the scool in Ibbenbüren(Germany).The pages is very interesting. Denise and Nadine-Marie

Thu Feb 15 14:39:43 2001
Great project!! I will be checking back to see the map. I am confused as to the Czech conection.

Thu Feb 15 19:29:35 2001
i didn't find IT. i can't see the IT you are trying to present. the sound bites are so short and repeat so quickly it becomes pointless. i feel like you represented only one side of the city with your whole site...maybe that was your intention. it's not the city I love. the city I love can maybe only show itself in reality.

Thu Feb 22 11:10:52 2001
absolutely brilliant ! I really enjoyed having a look at all these pictures of NYC ! Look forward to going there again. Nathalie (France)

Sat Feb 24 14:37:36 2001
very nice

Tue Mar 6 09:59:32 2001
It´s a great idea. I read about it in the Labyrint revue magazine. Nice. R.

Fri Mar 9 14:52:19 2001
map of queens

Sun Mar 11 06:48:40 2001
It rocks

Tue Mar 13 14:53:47 2001
o avenu

Wed Mar 14 05:13:25 2001
nyc its more than manhattan!

Fri Mar 16 17:43:46 2001

Mon Mar 19 06:01:09 2001

Sat Mar 24 01:14:36 2001
I really liked it. You have captured the sites and sounds of NYC. I must say the sounds drove my dog crazy. Linda

Sat Mar 24 21:26:50 2001
I.would like to have a mape of manhatten

Mon Mar 26 00:20:40 2001
i'm not sure what any of it meant, but i liked it

Tue Mar 27 15:17:33 2001

Tue Mar 27 19:35:52 2001
Great site. I'm a travel agent who has been to NY only once, just to catch a cruise ship. I haven't seen the sites and sounds of NYC. Visiting your site was research for me a I'm preparing a trip for some clients to visit NYC.

Wed Mar 28 08:31:56 2001
This site is brilliant. Truly.

Sat Mar 31 02:04:58 2001
i think that you should put a streets map in your map, so that we could localize ourselves and find places we want to see.

Mon Apr 2 05:55:18 2001
ur site sux

Tue Apr 3 14:59:23 2001
we think that you are stupido and your map fuck of

Tue Apr 3 14:59:47 2001

Tue Apr 3 15:00:32 2001
your map is very interesting but i don_understand

Tue Apr 3 23:19:58 2001
I find it very indresting and i think that is one of the best i have seen.

Fri Apr 6 05:44:14 2001
"ú-{_©_ç_Ĺ__ ©C©Ý®ü_č_Ě'n_}_đ_T_[_t_B_"___Ä___Ü__ _Ü___ć_ë____ _ _č_Ş_Ć__

Sun Apr 8 14:08:30 2001
Maybe I'm missing something, but I don't think so. I find it useless!

Mon Apr 9 00:48:48 2001
caccandra jones

Mon Apr 9 00:49:56 2001
718 405 1440

Sun Apr 15 10:20:16 2001

Wed Apr 18 04:51:09 2001
Great site! Great work! I'll make many trips back

Sat Apr 28 15:53:06 2001
this site stinks non of that happens all the time

Sat Apr 28 16:02:27 2001
I NEED A MAP MAKE A MAP AND MORE PEOPLE WILL COME TO YOUR SITE IF YOUR SMART ANOUPH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sat Apr 28 16:05:21 2001
#@^U^($^# thats what i think

Wed May 2 16:23:56 2001
great great great

Sat May 5 08:31:18 2001
this map i will give 100/100

Tue May 8 19:42:30 2001
For those who thought negatively about this project, I just don't think they quite understood what you were trying to accomplish, for those who did, we are grateful. Thank you for the beautiful photographs, the authentic NYC sounds, and the incredible compilation. You have done a fabulous job. I was supposed to get back to work a 1/2 hour ago and have not been able to tear myself away. Wonderful to have found this just a few days before visiting there again. Thank you.

Wed May 9 05:46:57 2001
not to bad, however, what about pictures of central park and up around 110th St, ie. Harlem?

Wed May 9 19:35:39 2001
When I want a map, I want a map--your site is a pain in the ass

Fri May 11 14:25:05 2001
DO Brooklyn or DA BRONX. I grew up in Brooklyn so thats my preference. Both are interesting places that should provide some interesting imagery.

Sun May 13 09:02:30 2001
Not enough content for the Big Apple. how about a local directory with live cam on the street corners, etc. Like any home town aught to be. Well, don't bother. It's good art. From an old admirer.

Mon May 14 11:13:44 2001
wow!!!! great web site!!! the way you can hear New York and almost feel that you're a real New Yorker. David Israel

Tue May 15 10:53:26 2001
socha svobody

Thu May 31 01:59:28 2001
good work. I was impressed to see NYC as it is... not the tourist way. I can really feel beeing on the corner where the pics where taken. Congratulation!!! and i hope that you will do more about different city around the world. Ho and by the way, do you have one citymap of yours about Prague??? I guess i'll be curious about this one... Please let me know. Thanks for this trip!!! :-)

Fri Jun 1 10:47:17 2001
It´s great web site!

Mon Jun 4 17:35:52 2001

Tue Jun 5 01:18:04 2001
Great website, very realistic. I have been to New York many times and I find the street scenes and sounds very close to reality. I have a suggestion to make: On certain pages the red writing does show up very due to the background picture, it would be good if those pages or if all the pages have writing in a different more visible colour. That's all I have to suggest, great website and well done for all the hard work. Tristan. Brussels, Belgium.

Tue Jun 12 03:19:17 2001
your shit is dope...for real...i love every foto...nice nice much props to you

Tue Jun 12 14:43:39 2001
Nevím, jak vyjádřit svůj názor na Va_e stránky - jsem opravdu nad_ená!! Něco takového jsem postrádala, stejně jako u_ více ne_ 2 roky postrádám NYC. Teď je mi trochu líp. Díky!!

Fri Jun 15 00:10:00 2001
my opinion is not good becouse i don't see names of streets ! what's happend?

Fri Jun 15 18:16:57 2001
i think this site is not good at all. I asked for a map and i didn't get one.

Sun Jun 17 23:35:26 2001
Love the photography.... Going to "IT" myself in a few weeks. Thanks for the advice Ross.

Wed Jun 20 10:18:44 2001
Marketa - '' - This is without a doubt the coolest site I've ever seen on the internet! Bringing the life of the city of New York to people all over the world. The pictures, the sounds - everything's great. I had an idea like this a while back. It was more live action. I had the idea that people could request specific views of the city (for example, a favorite old walk that they used to take in an old neighborhood). The technology is not quite here yet, but soon. Anyway, great job with this site, I've lived in New York for the past six years and the site really captures the essence of the city - the energy that keeps pulling us back.
Ian Kelly

Fri Jun 22 17:08:36 2001
The red print on the first page of this web site is nearly unreadable against the background it's place upon. For such a graphically-conscious website, a little more thought in user friendliness, please!

Fri Jun 22 18:50:42 2001
i think your site fucking sucks

Fri Jun 22 23:56:05 2001
I think that this website that you made it? Too bad it sucks. It didn't tell me anything about that stupid new york/

Sat Jun 23 01:39:20 2001

Mon Jun 25 20:34:57 2001
your red color type gets lost in the busy background. i found this link hoping to find a street map of NYC, to use while visiting there, on foot.

Tue Jun 26 23:43:38 2001
It would be nice to add locations in the NYC map to locate streets, addresses, and number indications so people would not get lost.

Fri Jun 29 22:05:00 2001
how to find an address

Sat Jun 30 22:02:39 2001
i didnt find what i was look ing for ineeded a map of new york so that i can see the cities

Sun Jul 1 04:12:47 2001
He is my uncle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mon Jul 2 16:45:16 2001
I love new york

Mon Jul 2 17:35:59 2001
I'm not sure if I found It, but what a strange journey. Wonderful concept.

Tue Jul 3 11:57:18 2001
îńôř čěôĺď ůě éň÷ĺá ňđ÷řé

Fri Jul 6 12:09:16 2001
I'm going to be working in New York for two years and this is probably the best information about New York I have found on the web thanks a million really it took me straight up the street where my office is I think I'm going to have a good time.

Tue Jul 10 00:05:19 2001
I love You! Krisz

Wed Jul 11 03:44:06 2001
I like the theme of the website. Perhaps a detailed map of the city would make the whole experience more vivid. But I like the sounds and pictures. Nice job.

Mon Jul 16 01:22:54 2001
you'v created agreat site but one thing is missing u should also give free flight tickets to nyc caus i don't have the money to buy it aniway loved the site & crazy about your city ron from israel

Wed Jul 18 05:36:54 2001
Your thoughts on Times Square were ok, but I don't really think you give someone who's never been there much of a feel for the city. Not much information on,or expression of the city

Fri Jul 20 10:50:20 2001
Génial ton sie ... Je viens ŕ New York bientot.

Sat Jul 21 18:22:58 2001
Ahoj Marketo! Jsme dva Cesi ,kteri jsou na letnim vylete v NYC. Navstivili jsme uz celkem dost mist a jedno znich bylo PS 01. Kdyz jsme se houpali na sitich pred muzeem, dostali jsme napad nafotit NYC , hodit to do HTML, sehnat charakteristicky zvuky, vsechno to namixovat atd.. Dneska jsme jen hledali mapu NYC, protoze jsme chteli jet do bazenu a najit to misto a objevili jsme Moc se nam tvuj projekt libi, priblizi to dost verne atmosferu mesta, nektery shoty jsou i dost nabity pohybem a rychlosti, se kterou se tohle city riti pritomnosti. Je to trochu ironie, ze tak dobrej web o NYC udelala zrovna ceska a my meli naprosto podobnej napad.... Jestli neco vytvorime, dame ti vedet a muzem to porovnat.. Tak hodne zdaru v dalsi praci. Vitek + Lenka (

Sun Jul 22 02:39:18 2001
i think this site is the biggest piece of shit alive

Mon Jul 23 23:15:09 2001
When I moved to NYC ten years ago (1991) I began to explore the city day by day. I first walked up and down every avenue until 125th st. that took about one month then I walked each cross st. from the battery up to 125th st. that took almost a year. The follow years I rode my bike through the burroughs. I ended up living in Brooklyn. I saw NYC change dramatically. Now I live in Berlin and I've started a different kind of journey. Through your work I found myself on those NYC streets again. :-) you took a big bite out of the apple. Christophe DM Barlieb

Tue Jul 24 22:17:10 2001
Well, it's interesting~ i was originally trying to find a map of the 5 boroughs for my job, but running into this was cool :) I liked the subway shot of a torn, ripped ad~ i constantly see them, they are everywhere and the photograph made it look like art :) *peace*

Sun Jul 29 03:09:26 2001
i think that you should write stories for every photograph because when you do it gives me more of a feel about the place and how you look at these places as a person that has been there, which is what i want.

Tue Jul 31 17:20:45 2001
teda v Nerw zyorku jsem je_tě nebyl a teď tam jsem to je ale zajímavé markétko. U_ mů_e_ přijít číhat, sokolík.

Tue Jul 31 22:02:11 2001
me encanta la ciudad me gustaría que me nviaran datos de la ciudad de N.Y postales, calles etc. par un posible viaje, enviar a la direccion electronica : desde ya muchas gracias Emilia subiabre Chile

Wed Aug 8 20:36:40 2001
I think this is cool thanks

Thu Aug 9 18:41:38 2001
I just wanted to let you know how much fun I had tooling around your site. I loved your sense of whimsy and yet I think that it gives people who have not visited the city a great sense of what it's like to go out of your door every day. Thanks you so much. It was fab!

Fri Aug 10 01:36:13 2001
you're looking pretty good..

Sat Aug 11 08:49:57 2001
excellent city I like it.

Sat Aug 11 08:52:17 2001
excellent city I like it.

Sun Aug 12 00:22:40 2001
This shit sucks. I needed a subway map and I got some artsy bullshit. Thanx. NYCdirect

Sun Aug 12 13:19:25 2001
it is not important what the important is.. but mportant is that what we want important.. its real that thier somthing secret in this map.. but its depand our mind..what our mind is thinking about thing.. so o call this human technolagy

Mon Aug 13 16:37:30 2001
hey. im from pakistan and was browsing thru sites on nyc coz ill be visiting for the first time. im a graphic designer and love ur site its brill amna

Fri Aug 17 02:43:58 2001
I am not sure if this will go to the same place I just emailed but I wanted to let you know how beautiful this map project is!Thank you. Tatiana

Fri Aug 17 23:08:48 2001
Hi, I have seen you in T3 magazine. I was curious about your web. I am surprised. Good job. mOzkiT (

Wed Aug 22 02:05:01 2001

Fri Aug 24 18:00:45 2001
not much!!

Fri Aug 24 23:05:57 2001
loved it all the way

Mon Aug 27 15:10:02 2001
Pretty cool - I didn't really read every thing but if the site is meant to be entertaining, it is. The images are interesting and capture the essence of the sites in the city for which I travel there. Makes me feel like taking a tripp to Washington square park and going for a walk.

Sat Sep 1 02:10:18 2001

Sat Sep 1 22:24:05 2001
New York is very, very nice and nice city, very big city, i like N.Y. if my english is_nt very good.... Petr/

Mon Sep 3 21:51:51 2001
your site sucks

Tue Sep 11 17:35:23 2001
en esta fecha tragica, mirar como el terror y el odio destruyen, expreso mi voz solidaria de apoyo moral al pueblo americano, ruego a Dios por su recuperacion y lamento como la construccion de un mundo solidario, tenga en la agresion humana su peor expresión. las torres son el simbolo de la grandeza del hombre.

Tue Sep 11 18:31:49 2001
it sucks bye

Tue Sep 11 18:47:43 2001
I am verey sorry that the twins got hit. BY. LIL GREG JACKSON

Tue Sep 11 18:58:03 2001

Tue Sep 11 19:48:55 2001
Twins, What Twin Tower!

Tue Sep 11 22:40:46 2001

Wed Sep 12 02:12:08 2001

Wed Sep 12 08:36:09 2001
Dear Marketa, I am so sorry to hear the news. My name is Natalia, I would like to find out if East 35 Street was far from the center of NY - I have a friend there - Bartholomew Muhs, and I cannot reach him on E-mail, may be the phone line doesn't work. Could you please write back to me on the matter ? That's all I'd like to know. My E-mail is THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP

Wed Sep 12 08:36:10 2001
Dear Marketa, I am so sorry to hear the news. My name is Natalia, I would like to find out if East 35 Street was far from the center of NY - I have a friend there - Bartholomew Muhs, and I cannot reach him on E-mail, may be the phone line doesn't work. Could you please write back to me on the matter ? That's all I'd like to know. My E-mail is THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP

Wed Sep 12 13:13:59 2001
real nice site, you made! feel so sorry fo what happened in N.Y! deeply shocked! How could that be??? Heinrich from Berlin, Germany (

Wed Sep 12 14:16:00 2001
third avenue

Wed Sep 12 15:43:19 2001
it makes me so sad to see your pictures of the world trade center

Wed Sep 12 16:29:39 2001

Wed Sep 12 17:47:58 2001
YOU are very nice.We are sorry about victims .{Israel}.We shell overcame evil.Otkuda ti-chehoslovakia?

Wed Sep 12 22:45:02 2001
Marketta-- I have never been to your city. I found your website trying to get information on the Trade Center and where it was located in relationship to Avenue of the Americas where a friend of mine is located. Rest assured that we here in Arkansas grieve with you and your friends. We had special prayer last night for your city and those working to aid it. Please tell everyone there the rest of the country is behind you. David Bowden

Wed Sep 12 23:41:55 2001
Dear NYC, Your Rebel brothers in the South are your brothers, non the less. As we have bled and died together in WWI, WWII, Korea, Nam, Storm, etc. we grieve and pray for you all now.

Thu Sep 13 02:22:08 2001

Thu Sep 13 02:33:12 2001
Holaaaaaa! me ha gustado mucho!

Thu Sep 13 06:59:09 2001
the deepest thoughts............. it´s unbelievable what happened. i´m sittin here since 37 hours... in front of tv.... can´t believe...... THIS CAN`T BE TRUE...!!!!!!!! a lot of respect to all the helping crews...... Dirk Kolz -

Thu Sep 13 21:49:09 2001
Dear Marketa, I was looking for a map of NYC to get an idea where everything is laid out since the tragedy and happened on your site - thanks, it was fun looking at the various images of NYC and sadly the WTC buildings that are no more. I copied an image of WTC to use as my back-ground on my computer - thank you. Mary, Gainesville, FL

Thu Sep 13 22:34:01 2001
Thank you so much for your lovely web site. I was casting about for a map of New York City (Google search) and found you. The map info was great, and you are so nice to include it. And the beauty of your site is a blessing during this difficult time. Keep up the good work. Thank you. Margie Gage,

Thu Sep 13 22:51:47 2001
i stumled across your site trying to find a map of the city for an out of town friend. your pictures from the top of the twins just brings tears to my eyes. thank you for posting them. they're some of the most beautiful pictures i've seen :)

Fri Sep 14 04:12:13 2001
Great site. I'm from upstate NY and have been to the city many times. Watching TV and viewing the skyline without "The Twins" is heartwrenching - Seeing your pictures made me smile :) My thoughts & prayers are with all the people of NY and I am hopeful more survivors will be found!! Keep the faith. Sandy

Fri Sep 14 15:31:36 2001
Interéressant ! En plus tu as l'air trčs mignone ! CORREIA E.

Fri Sep 14 21:07:36 2001
I think you did great

Fri Sep 14 22:08:42 2001
Very Nice Web site. Very creative.

Fri Sep 14 22:22:32 2001
Fakt se Ti ty stránky povedly.Pí_u ti 14.9.2001, tři dny po té stra_livé události. Máme den smutku, ale to těm lidem _ivot nevrátí. Je to stra_né, co se stalo. A nejhor_í je na tom ta bezmocnost, kdy_ ví_,_e nic nemů_e_ pro ty lidi, kteří jsou pod troskama, nic dělat. Někteří jsou dokonce na _ivu! Kdy_ jsem poprvé viděla v televizi zprávy, tak jsem myslela, _e jsou to reklamy na nový americký film. Nechápu ty lidi,kteří unesli letadla a zabili se. Mají vůbec nějaký pud sebezáchovy? A co to muselo být pro cestující v letadle vědět, _e je zabijou. A co teprve chudáci lidi v mrakodrapech,kteří skákali z x tého patra, jen aby neuhořeli. Je to hrozný čin a ten by měl být POŘÁDNĚ potrestán.

Sat Sep 15 00:17:53 2001
Please keep this as the memory for the world....

Sun Sep 16 05:21:49 2001

Sun Sep 16 09:42:27 2001
amazing, thank you

Sun Sep 16 16:53:10 2001
Hello,it is nice map New York.How are you?

Mon Sep 17 02:28:05 2001
Thank you for a creative tour of a fascinating and brave is wonderful to have such moments of the trade towers before rage and hatred tumbled them down into a sad history. Jo Knox

Mon Sep 17 02:50:28 2001
I love NYC, and your site is great. Thanks for your effort!

Mon Sep 17 09:02:03 2001
it's beautiful.buga,zagreb

Mon Sep 17 21:04:46 2001

Mon Sep 17 23:47:32 2001
Hi i´m wondering there are no new entries since 13.08.01. I live in Bavaria/Germany about 14 km away from the CZ border and found your site by searching for a NYC-map --finally found it. I hope you can and will go on nevertheless the pictures are governed by shocking bleakness now since nearly one week. People all over the globe might be New Yorkers now.

Tue Sep 18 03:00:54 2001
This is wonderful! What a beautiful view of the BIG APPLE! Is there one for San Franciso?

Tue Sep 18 03:42:56 2001
Looking for a map and I happened upon your site, thanks for the link to Yahoo maps. It was very helpful. Great artistic site-especially now because we only have our memories and pictures to remember the beautiful architecture and our family members and friends. What a loss...words can't describe it. Keep the memory alive. God Bless, and Thanks. Maybe you should add some pics of Fire and Police who are risking their lives to save others! BaylorBear, Waco, TX

Tue Sep 18 21:42:38 2001
I could just cry!

Tue Sep 18 23:17:17 2001
Different Not sure what I think yet. Used to live in New Jersey and come to NYC to visit. Am feeligs very sad about the loss of the WTC and loss of so many lives. Best Wishes Bertha BB's List O'Links & Other Stuff

Wed Sep 19 21:13:12 2001
i don't really understand when you said that you have capture the atmosphere and the energy of new york

Thu Sep 20 02:51:44 2001
Very nice. I think your Twins page should be seen by more people.

Thu Sep 20 14:52:23 2001
great pictures, alot of fun!!

Thu Sep 20 15:48:32 2001
Very Creative. Michael. Web Developer.

Fri Sep 21 04:50:09 2001
HOT page! very nice work! :-)

Sun Sep 23 14:33:51 2001
I'd like to know if 5th Avenue was in the area of destruction, or if it could easily be seen from 5th Avenue. I had a vision about 5 years ago of destruction in New York and I saw a 5th Avenue street sign. I've never been to NY and I'm not familiar with it. Please e mail me if you can help. Thank you,

Mon Sep 24 22:10:33 2001
Coolest site I've seen. Creative and artistic and incredibly fun for the viewer. Thanks for creating the pleasure, Carol Stuckey New Orleans
Tue Sep 25 08:13:16 2001
Hello I move to Los Angeles about three years ago from NYC. Early this year a friend of mine introduced me to your site. I have really enjoyed it. I have a whole set of New York sites that I visit almost daily. Your site is the one I visit when I miss my hometown the most, and as of late that has been a lot. I just wanted to thank you for giving me a the opportunity to visit home from way out here in Los Angeles. Question Do you have plans on including Brooklyn, The Bronx, and Queens? Thanks again Ron

Wed Sep 26 04:19:31 2001
Facinating site. It was like walking around in NY. I have never been their, yet. I am a Photohjournalist in the Midwest and am going to tell everyone about this website. I would like to see more pictures of people and places in and aroung NY City. God Bless America.

Wed Sep 26 14:04:28 2001

Wed Sep 26 17:35:41 2001
picture of twin towers

Thu Sep 27 18:56:16 2001
Thanks for leaving these pictures out on the Web. It brings back fond memories of time spent at WTC and the WFC Atrium accross the street.

Mon Oct 1 17:38:17 2001
Your pictures of the city are beautiful. They capture the everday scenes most of us just pass by without a thought. It is very sad to say that I found your site when searching some time ago, shortly after the horrific attack on your country, and the whole of humanity. My heart goes out to you, your fellow New Yorkers, Americans, and all those affected by those terrible acts. Thank you for your wonderful insight into NYC. Regards from the UK, Bob.

Tue Oct 2 01:33:46 2001
I came across your site searching the web for a map of NY map and I believe there are no conindences in life, only "Godincidences"...and I am blessed to have visited your site. And in light of the horrific tragedy on September 11th, how prophetic were the words of the homeless man at the bottom of the Twin Towers...."Those are the railroad tracks that will take you up to heaven" Yes, indeed! ... who could've imagined that 2 years later almost 6000 people would be on those tracks to heaven! God bless you and your work, it has truly captured the essence of NYC.

Wed Oct 3 22:34:52 2001
What a fantastic site! It would be cool to have a section on colleges of new york and more about each burrow! Keep The Great Work!

Fri Oct 5 05:47:43 2001
i think your pictures are priceless. i am happy i too was at the top of the twin towers!!

Sun Oct 7 22:00:03 2001
One of the highest buildings in the world, the World Trade Center, has strange long grooves on its face... "Those are the railroad tracks that will take you up to Heaven," an elderly homeless man eagerly explained to me while standing on the corner there. "All the way up to the Heaven?" I wondered. "And what about gravity? It still works, doesn't it?" -no more to add. sad but true

Sun Oct 7 22:05:48 2001
hard to say, but maybe you wanna update your site about tje towers. the pictures ain't up to date :(

Mon Oct 8 03:29:34 2001
Waverly Place and Sixth Avenue Balduccis Lower East Side... east 13th st and ave c or ave d

Mon Oct 8 03:30:00 2001
i love you for doing this...

Mon Oct 8 16:29:02 2001
Port Authoority

Mon Oct 8 17:32:09 2001
what about brooklyn?

Tue Oct 9 19:13:39 2001
"area surrounding World Trade Center site"

Wed Oct 10 08:46:36 2001
I think the pictures you used in your website were well done but you only restricted your map to certain parts of Manhattan. You dont have pictures of Central Park, 5th Avenue, and Hell's Kitchen. You should also include pictures of the other bouroughs of New York like Brooklyn, Queens, Bronxs, even Staten Island.

Thu Oct 11 18:06:34 2001
Great map. I've never been to NYC but i was impressed by your pictures and sounds. Keep going on with that. ROB

Fri Oct 12 02:46:38 2001
Amazing pictures of WTC. I found it by mistake today. Barbara in NYC

Fri Oct 12 02:46:42 2001
Amazing pictures of WTC. I found it by mistake today. Barbara in NYC

Sun Oct 14 17:54:21 2001

Mon Oct 15 13:51:50 2001
this site is great. really loved the pics from the top of the wtc esp because the girl in those pics is so beautiful. Kiwi nz

Wed Oct 17 03:41:08 2001
Fantastic idea. I am doing my painting degree on my experience in ny, and it was inspiration to see how you dealt with it

Wed Oct 17 21:47:38 2001
What a wonderful web site!!!!. You are very creative and incredibly talented. Thank you for such a wonderful site. Your pictures are very historical now. If you want to know a little about me please check on my web site. (NOT AS GREAT AS YOURS)

Wed Oct 31 02:42:10 2001
please remove the trade center

Wed Oct 31 02:42:11 2001
please remove the trade center

Wed Oct 31 02:42:15 2001
please remove the trade center

Wed Nov 7 05:24:39 2001
The best site! I got my maps for my trip here!

Wed Nov 7 21:00:22 2001
graet ! Wolf Man Berlin

Thu Nov 8 13:34:06 2001
Hi! There! I'm a fan in South Korea. I've found this site before a couple of months. Yours are so great for looking around N.Y. even far from here. I'm Jude Yoo. i'd like to make a homepage to show Seoul, city in Korea like your works. It is a new way to guide. And I do wanna know what camera you'd used. was that digital? and... i hope to see the "W.T.C". that tragedy of Sep 11th was so sorry. That's way your site could be a kind of journalist for many visiters to come here. well.. Sorry about my week English. Have a nice day! God bless your Americana..

Sat Nov 10 23:40:26 2001
zdar jak se mate?

Mon Nov 12 17:00:18 2001
twins towers photo

Tue Nov 13 05:49:54 2001
I think it would be a great idea to show a map where all the artists live in Soho and Chelsea and how people can find the buildings and see the artist work. You can identify the art as digital,performance,painting,sculpture,etc. Each artist who would become part of this virtual map could have a golden shoe painted on the front door to identify all those in the know that this is the place for those who read about this golden shoe that they can visit their studio for a total time of ten or fifteen minutes.This would be a good way to promote people buying and seeing art that actually comes from the art centers of NY and also a walking tour conducted one day a week for only those who are interested or committed.

Tue Nov 13 05:49:59 2001
I think it would be a great idea to show a map where all the artists live in Soho and Chelsea and how people can find the buildings and see the artist work. You can identify the art as digital,performance,painting,sculpture,etc. Each artist who would become part of this virtual map could have a golden shoe painted on the front door to identify all those in the know that this is the place for those who read about this golden shoe that they can visit their studio for a total time of ten or fifteen minutes.This would be a good way to promote people buying and seeing art that actually comes from the art centers of NY and also a walking tour conducted one day a week for only those who are interested or committed.

Tue Nov 13 22:03:02 2001
very interesting.. i'd do one of these of austin.. but austin is fucking boring. oh well.

Mon Nov 19 22:53:23 2001
ahoj, kamarad ma nakreslit na zed 3x5 metru velkej brooklynskej most a marne schanim peknou fotku tohodle krasafce. gdybys mi mohla pomoct , tak se mi ozvi pls. dik jindrich Hozak

Wed Nov 21 13:23:46 2001
ahoji Mikvo alias :) tak nejak chodim New yORkem a vcelku se mi to libi.. jenom mozna, by to chtelo trosicku lepsi barvy vybrat.. ale to je mio deformacione (ugauga)povolanim ..:) jinak hazu korunou a pada orel :) je to faine :) preju hezkej den katchaba

Tue Nov 27 01:15:22 2001
What happen to the pics of you on the twin towers? This site is very well done. And you, if I may say are very attractive!! Thanks and take care and be safe.. dz

Sat Dec 1 17:13:16 2001
zajebi_cie (i'm from poland )

Sat Dec 1 18:27:31 2001
the main page it hard to see the links . yo uhave to change the color of the links

Sun Dec 2 22:54:56 2001
you have a very interesting site, It's ironic because I have never been to NYC, but im so curious about it, and i just love how it seems to be and everything, i would go to NYC anyday but since i don't have the money i can't go... well just wanted to say that your site is awesome.. my e-mail is

Tue Dec 4 02:11:09 2001
I love it keep it going!!!!!!

Tue Dec 4 02:11:15 2001
I love it keep it going!!!!!!

Thu Dec 6 01:35:13 2001
While your website is attractive, it is way too confusing. The red lettering gets drowned out on the background you are using.

Thu Dec 6 19:19:04 2001
smells art

Thu Dec 6 21:38:29 2001
Sorry, I don't speak english. I only speak spanish. Your web is a very good project. It'is very interesting and it's visually atractive. I like your idea of New York city. I'm cuban and I live in Canary Islands. Saludos, Elena (

Fri Dec 7 01:27:52 2001
cool. very cool.

Fri Dec 7 18:25:15 2001
I think this is great, really! I've sent the url to some teachers I know and who are looking for "newer" ways of attacking narratives. Thanks, hector vila (formerly of NYCity), Phd Middlebury College, VT

Sat Dec 8 00:40:52 2001
Very cool site thank you. Nice to take a walk with you. Although sometimes I got a bit disoriented and kinda wanted a map to refer to. Kind of a "you are here" thing. But I eventually got acclimatized. Very cool Keep adding?

Sat Dec 8 01:51:58 2001

Tue Dec 11 13:06:51 2001
I think you should extend your map out of New York City to Queens...that way, there's more to explore. Thanks.

Thu Dec 13 10:08:13 2001

Thu Dec 13 14:44:29 2001
nektere fotky jsou fajn, ale skoda, ze lide jsou foceni vetsinou zezadu. chtelo by to trochu odvahy a pritvrdit v designu stranky.

Sat Dec 15 22:41:02 2001
i dont have any idea about any places please but more graphic with specific places with roads thanks a lot

Sun Dec 16 06:46:34 2001
Sweet site great work! Change the red text it is hard on the eyes. the Gallery completely relates the pulse on NYC. Good job.

Fri Dec 28 16:13:29 2001
you need better color schemes with your fonts. Hard to see with certain backgrounds.

Sat Dec 29 19:26:41 2001
No I didnt find what I wanted, all i want is a map of china town showing the streets and such..

Wed Jan 2 13:21:24 2002

Sat Jan 5 17:15:55 2002
I found this map very hard to follow, and it didn't show me anything that I wanted to see... very disappointing.

Sat Jan 5 17:18:45 2002
I found this map very hard to follow, and it didn't show me anything that I wanted to see... very disappointing.

Tue Jan 8 17:01:05 2002
greetings. i really enjoyed the website. the photography was very interesting... the entire design was interesting. some kind of "old school" design along with modern stuff. i especially liked the photos in the art gallery. i don't live in NYC, in ohio, but have visited the City numerous times. i love it more each time... though there were some very dark, very caustic photos on this site. very real. my email:

Wed Jan 9 09:47:06 2002
podzemne priestory dvojiciek a hned

Wed Jan 9 09:56:16 2002
Prijali by sme viac info o podzemnych priestoroch dvojiciek.mali by sme zaujem vediet co sa vlastne nachadzalo v podzemi okrem parkovisk a trezorov bank,konkretne potrbujeme vediet ci sa tam nenachadzali nejake obchody a ak ano tak kolko poschodi. m+m dakujeme vopred

Thu Jan 10 08:10:42 2002
Nevim, kam psat, nenechali jste emailovou adresu, tak pisu sem. V podzemi byl komplex obchodu a restauraci, takové bludiste. Vice zde, nebo zde.

Wed Jan 23 17:37:02 2002
melo by to fungovat Vase sprava site Jirka Muller

Thu Jan 24 15:48:05 2002
This is the first time in 4 years of internet that Im fully surprised in a site, great work!!!!!

Fri Jan 25 12:09:36 2002
Asi jsem to nenasel, hledam nabidku ubytovani, hotelu v NY. Dekuji!

Mon Jan 28 00:38:14 2002
What the five borroughs of New York city?

Tue Jan 29 18:24:56 2002
Jo, dobre, libi, ale Mesto bylo lepsi!

Wed Jan 30 19:26:10 2002
Im from cech republic Im sorry . the twins is very sad :) Im sorry because I don_t speak englis

Wed Jan 30 20:03:31 2002
823 utica avenue

Sun Feb 3 18:27:18 2002
This is wonderful! Living upstate, I get such a longing for the City in all its artistic glory. You have done a great job! I hope this is a work in progress, I will keep checking back.. -Janna

Mon Feb 4 00:44:50 2002
I found It, how could you miss it, totally awesome. The next great artist is here. Pacratz

Mon Feb 4 12:01:58 2002
Great site! I was looking for a street map, but this is better.

Thu Feb 7 09:50:02 2002
Výborný nápad!Děkuji za zpestření nudného pracovniho dopoledne...je_tě _e jsem se včera díval na paskvil.Richard

Thu Feb 7 10:25:43 2002
dobra sajta,a to som nemal v umysle pozerat vcerajsi paskvil,prebrowsoval som ja tvoje osobne stranky,moc dobre,a imno si velmi krasna zena !! normski,bratislava

Thu Feb 7 10:56:42 2002
a este nieco : spominala si ze si hojne chodila na chat,chodis este ? ak ano kam ? a pod akym nickom? nechcem sklznut do sentimentalneho lichotenia,obdivovatelov tu mas viac,ale budem rad ak odpises :) normski ,

Fri Feb 8 14:28:14 2002
great i seen this adrress in paskvil .

Fri Feb 8 16:12:42 2002
Woow,wonderful interesting way of showing this exciting city./Gisela

Mon Feb 11 20:58:37 2002
Well....I think you have to REMEMBER that the twin towers don't exist anymore. You shuod have to do this in respect of the victims of the 11th of september 2001. thank you

Wed Feb 13 00:39:43 2002
cekal sem vic

Wed Feb 13 06:34:19 2002

Wed Feb 13 06:35:11 2002

Wed Feb 13 06:35:36 2002
new york city

Wed Feb 13 15:12:02 2002
a-hoj! yes, i found it. this is great! very untipical and interesting. more pictures, please. mariusz (

Fri Feb 15 11:00:48 2002
Ahoj. Koukala jsem na Paskvil a tohle jsem si proste nemohla neprohlidnout! Je to super, zivy.. NY nemusi bejt zlej..

Sat Feb 16 09:48:53 2002
great site. MORE pictures needed

Sat Feb 16 09:54:40 2002
good work nice to see the the geatest city form this engal great work waiting for u r next work ronni israel

Mon Feb 18 10:31:58 2002
Ahoj Marketo Tvoje stranky o NYC jsou fakt super!.Myslim si ze to je opravdu nejoriginalnejsi internetova mapa newyorku. Ja delam obcas webdesign (muj konicek) a i pres to ze spoustu veci co zde mas by slo udelat jinak a treba esteticteji...tak na druhou stranu by urcite stratili to kouzlou ktere znich ted citim. Jen tak dale at te tva umelecka inspirace provazi i v dalsich projektech :)!! Mej se faj. Kamil

Mon Feb 18 15:44:01 2002
je to ted jedna z mých oblíbených stranek, kdyz si chci odpocinout, brousim v ní a "lítám" do dá to fakt dobrej nápad takovejhle projekt...zabývám se fotkou a dlouhou dobu sem stravila v Anglii, mam udelaný různý alba, chci si udelat net stranku v budoucnosti..peníze,čas..tak snad vymyslím jeste neco úchvatněj_ího ne_ ty:-))) Zdravím a jen tak dál..! Jana

Mon Feb 18 21:48:34 2002
this site is great! i haven't been back to nyc in a few years, but this really captures the city in the way that i relate to it, on foot, at street level. excellent work!

Tue Feb 19 13:06:34 2002

Wed Feb 20 16:31:00 2002
Ahoj, tady Liberec. Tahle stránka je opravdu dobrá.

Wed Feb 20 19:47:14 2002

Thu Feb 21 21:50:27 2002
Ahoj Markéto, viděl jsem pořad o Tvé mapě v TV, je to fakt super, paráda, gratuluji. Hodně dal_ích úspěchů a vydařených fotek. Petr Kosina,

Fri Feb 22 17:24:11 2002
Dear Multiartist with big "M", I saw a little shot of your work in Paskvil, so I tried to look at it today and I enjoy your pages very very much. You are really talented, girl. I look forward to your future photos, pictures and so on. Good luck. You are real Czech miracle. I am proud we have someone like you. Marta

Fri Feb 22 17:24:37 2002
Dear Multiartist with big "M", I saw a little shot of your work in Paskvil, so I tried to look at it today and I enjoy your pages very very much. You are really talented, girl. I look forward to your future photos, pictures and so on. Good luck. You are real Czech miracle. I am proud we have someone like you. Marta

Mon Feb 25 09:56:04 2002
hele holka, nesmis se na me zlobit, ale to ze jsi nejlepsi na nasem netu je pekne vycpely. udelej neco poradnyho a nezabejvej se lacinama zalezitostma.

Thu Feb 28 00:29:29 2002
je to skvely, j.p.

Thu Feb 28 12:58:18 2002

Fri Mar 1 15:32:12 2002
this sucks

Sat Mar 2 08:38:01 2002
I really like your site...especially the pictures of the WTC. I'm a New Yorker and it hurts me to see pictures of the Twin Towers. So much so, that I get kinda choked up to see them. But, I've seen those buildings everyday of my life, and its fantastic that you had good memories of them also. I've told many people about this site, so I hope it stays on the internet for a long time! Jessica

Sat Mar 2 22:06:26 2002
Myslim, ze vase stranky sou hezke. pouze me sklamalo, ze jsem nevidel Ruzenku, kterou jste reklamovala v Paskvilu. Petr.0732728505=tel cislo.

Sun Mar 3 00:54:33 2002
the idea is nice but the effect was not so great.. probably because i havent been there. for me, it was just a interesting game but nothing more.

Wed Mar 6 19:33:59 2002

Sat Mar 9 07:35:02 2002
Hi Marketa, Congratulations on your NYMap project. Great work. Keep doing what you do best.

Sun Mar 10 03:43:58 2002
needs more photos

Sun Mar 10 05:03:12 2002
You need to put a better map for tourist and said about museums, stores and everything for people who wants to know the city. thank you e_mail is

Thu Mar 14 02:59:25 2002
This is the best site I have ever seen, not just b/c of its creativity and utility, but b/c it makes me feel I am home. The sounds and sights makes me think I can even smell NY. Thank you.

Thu Mar 14 19:55:42 2002
fakt celkem v pohode stranky...

Mon Mar 18 17:53:11 2002
um tell them where the kidis

Wed Mar 20 03:24:24 2002

Wed Mar 20 21:56:00 2002
great idea, but really stupid images

Wed Mar 20 22:44:42 2002
You need to add the map since that's the most important thing on website, you freak.

Thu Mar 21 09:12:40 2002
Fantastic. You are a very extraordinary artist. Martina (Milano - Italy)

Thu Mar 21 11:45:23 2002
i thought your pictures from the top of the twin towers where amazing. i live in ireland and was looking for a lovely happy picture of the towers before the attacks... thanks

Fri Mar 22 15:15:26 2002

Sat Mar 30 21:36:25 2002
strangely liberating to be able to see new york from a computer, but also frustratingly confining to have the images chosen for you. still interesting, particularly for an uprooted new yorker suplanted in houston. thanks.

Tue Apr 9 20:50:16 2002
Complimenti molto ganzo! (cool) Mario

Tue Apr 9 20:55:13 2002
Veri nice do you as a good idea Firenze Italy

Wed Apr 10 20:39:35 2002

Mon Apr 15 09:58:59 2002
what an amazing site you have made, very very artistique and beautifal. It,s realistique art made from enforiment and all there is. My friend is at this moment in NY and we have been at this site for several times to smell, feel and hear NY. Great, and thanks Susanne from Holland

Tue Apr 16 04:28:46 2002
votre site est tres sympa !!! c'est un vrai plaisir de se promener dans N.Y virtuellement, alors qu'on habite a Paris (France ) Merci, et BRAVO !!!

Wed Apr 17 21:31:06 2002

Fri Apr 19 03:19:26 2002
It´s great !! It´s a fantastic idea !! The best New York city map I had seen before !! Congratulations !!!

Sun Apr 21 02:23:02 2002
this was great! i wanted to see the true side of the east though.... but everything else was great

Wed May 1 16:34:16 2002
Dobrý den ! Ta Va_e suprová mapa NY je fakt dooooooooost dobrá ! Jen tak dál ! S pozdravem a přáním pěkného den WeBcReAtOr P.S.: Co plánujete dál ?

Mon May 6 22:07:32 2002
In a word FABOLOUS! This is what NYC is all about.

Fri May 10 15:30:47 2002
Ahoj Marketa! Je to naozaj SUPER! Pri "prechadzke" mestom ma chytila nostalgia a myslim, ze sa tam coskoro vyberiem znovu. Chyba mi tam viac Central park-u. Sasa

Sun May 12 16:24:58 2002
well, I've just had a virtual tour. it was nice :) u r 2 :o

Wed May 15 03:49:48 2002
I love the spirit of this. I got nervous when I heard the first sound because I have an aversion to sites that play MIDI military band music when I'm trying to read. Then I caught on. I like to hear ambient sounds. They give life and add mood to the pictures. I like that it's open ended. You can keep building it and get even better as you go. David Neufer (check out the panoramas from the Times Bldg. 1905)

Wed May 15 10:10:01 2002
Hi, the most I liked was the sound you embedded into the pages. I have visited NYC for a few days in November 2001 and there is a great desire to come back once. Now it is possible for me to listen to the city when I want to and damp my nostalgica for a while. Thanks, Kristina (Germany)

Sat May 18 04:18:45 2002

Sat May 18 20:30:04 2002
Sice sem se krapitko ztratil, ale je to super projekt. Fakt se mi to libi. Doufam ze se dockame podobnych vychytavek co nejdriv. Je to proste parada

Mon May 20 19:22:06 2002

Mon May 20 19:22:07 2002

Tue May 21 15:57:04 2002
Hey hot cakes, wow I totally dig your site. I'm majoring in New Media at Maine College of Art but am thinking of transferring to Parsons or F.I.T and so this is my first time in NYC. Oh it's true, it's true.. I came across your web site looking for maps and just wanted to say it rocks, bay-bee Yolanda

Wed May 22 03:48:01 2002
Very original work. It was very interesting. Thank you for the experiences.

Wed May 22 18:31:49 2002
i think you should learn flash html is weak

Thu May 23 18:02:51 2002
about 11 september

Thu May 23 23:39:58 2002
thanks for the ride...

Fri May 24 02:41:37 2002
I am traveling to New York........... wanted a map not photos of billboards...........

Fri May 24 03:12:50 2002
this sucks

Sun May 26 09:14:00 2002
I absolutely love your map. Please do more! Can I suggest a rock lyric section? Y'know, 53rd/3rd (Ramones)/ Lexington 125 (Lou Reed - Waiting for the Man)

Fri May 31 13:46:39 2002
Tyto stránky a v_echny fotky se mi moc líbí. Jsou velmi zajímavě a trochu zmateně seřazeny, ale na tom mi vadí jen to, _e si asi nedoká_u prohlédnout v_echny fotky. Anglickým textům jsem moc nerozuměla. To, čemu jsem rozuměla, se mi líbilo. Můj email:

Fri May 31 21:09:53 2002
PUT QUEENS IN!!!!!!!!!!!! WHitestone Bridge, Francis Lewis Park!!!

Tue Jun 4 12:38:18 2002

Wed Jun 5 07:40:57 2002
fortlee newjersey

Wed Jun 5 13:35:35 2002
It is really great. I have never been to NY, but thanks to your map, I feel like I would know this City. Thanks.

Wed Jun 5 16:55:08 2002
this shit sucks

Wed Jun 5 16:55:11 2002
this shit sucks

Wed Jun 5 16:55:13 2002
this shit sucks

Wed Jun 5 16:55:14 2002
this shit sucks

Wed Jun 5 16:55:14 2002
this shit sucks

Wed Jun 5 16:55:14 2002
this shit sucks

Thu Jun 6 18:00:53 2002
Hi there! Í like it a lot! Please take in more pics cause I have never been in New York!!!I always dream to get there, so it is alo of fun to get more insight to this city! Go for it and thanks!

Thu Jun 6 21:07:10 2002
it's a bit hard to read

Fri Jun 7 11:03:19 2002
it stinks its a piece of crap

Fri Jun 7 12:07:50 2002
Hey, I don't know what the actual point of this website is and I just stumbled across it whilst searching for a New York City map but it is one of the best sites on the web that I have ever seen, I love the way you have put the backgrounds and sounds together, they are absolutley amazing. I shall tell all of my friends about it.

Sun Jun 9 04:26:39 2002

Thu Jun 13 21:38:22 2002

Tue Jun 18 08:46:22 2002
what I think? I think I'll have a great time in NYC, My first visit on wed.I'll let you know later "what I think"

Wed Jun 19 11:56:24 2002
madison avenue

Wed Jun 19 20:01:45 2002
this fucking the asshole who put this shit together

Sat Jun 22 07:37:40 2002
do u have acall girl house

Mon Jun 24 17:47:49 2002
this site was absolutely rubbish,your pictures were realistic but useless for a foriegner who is interested in visiting the city

Mon Jun 24 21:21:51 2002
hye! i'm toma form paris. you site is simply wonderfull!! Thank you for the trip you give me! (sorry for my english!!) I have a dream : iwan't to go to the brooklin zoo. so if, one day, you look for something else to do... however, you give me fun and i really thank all the persons who worked for that site.

Mon Jun 24 22:15:20 2002
Your site gave me an idea of what NYC is like. Thank you. Sound needs some fine tuning. Could you label your map so it shows the steets. For those of us who have never been there, it might be helpful. Thank you. Susan

Tue Jun 25 22:45:10 2002
I think It is shadows cast all throughout the city.

Thu Jun 27 23:11:52 2002

Sat Jun 29 00:35:39 2002
this is absolutley lovely. i've fallen in love with your map, and i've been exploring the city all day. i hope you continue to update on this wonderful work of art.

Sun Jun 30 12:26:07 2002
hey! i think your site is great i mean i loved the virtual tour!!! thank you

Tue Jul 2 01:50:33 2002
this beautiful! -

Wed Jul 10 01:31:36 2002
I think its great. Put in Pomander Walk on W 95th Street. Yours,

Fri Jul 12 06:21:43 2002
this site is great, but the red text is unreadable on the pictures...

Tue Jul 16 20:07:26 2002
Where can I find Bleeker Street? Great site! I moved from New York to Arizona 4 years ago and I love to hear the sounds of the city on your site.....Great concept....

Tue Jul 16 20:08:05 2002
About Bleeker Street: forgot my e-mail address. It is: Thanks.

Wed Jul 24 05:38:57 2002
robisz wspanialom robote milo bylo zobaczyc twoja strona napisz do mnie to pogadamy

Thu Jul 25 03:07:45 2002
I think so...

Mon Jul 29 09:16:36 2002
Your site is so much better than all the other Sites out there, I can actually gain some of the excitement even though I am away from the city. Also rember this, no matter how hard the events of September 11th are/ and were New York is the city that survived! As former mayor rudy guialni said, the show must go on!

Mon Jul 29 22:22:36 2002

Tue Jul 30 03:36:51 2002
this site is unbelievably creative and interesting. I am glad i stummbled upon it!

Tue Jul 30 21:26:01 2002
You need to do some updating on your website. YOu need to change the information about the Twin Towers.

Sun Aug 4 07:58:13 2002
I enjoyed your site. I used to live in New York City, mostly during the 80s and your choices of what to show are very much how it looks. Some pictures were of subjects so ordinary but familiar that they made me laugh. Thanks1

Wed Aug 7 04:48:39 2002
Great! I was looking for a map, I found your site... and forgot about the map. I am coming to NYC this weekend!

Wed Aug 7 23:54:18 2002
Love the site - found it by accident looking for a (ta da) street map. spent 2 hours on streets. thanks , hope y0u are well.

Sun Aug 18 05:48:49 2002
I think your a fucking idiot

Sun Aug 18 06:13:39 2002
The best thing you can do with this website: START FTP SESION AND DELETE ALL FILES.

Sun Aug 18 06:14:55 2002
Are you a lesbian?

Mon Aug 26 17:34:34 2002

Mon Aug 26 17:36:36 2002

Wed Aug 28 00:14:19 2002
Hello, I was actually looking for the nyc map itself. I found this site instead, quite happy that I checked it out. Nice to see that someone takes the time and show the beauty of NYC, besides its major attractions site.

Wed Aug 28 01:50:32 2002
This is a weird site map ...... not sure if I understand it all as I don't have much time to read all about it as Im at work..... Anotn

Tue Sep 3 22:52:08 2002

Wed Sep 4 21:59:11 2002
It is a woderful site, I love it

Fri Sep 6 18:49:09 2002
tas como una moto, pero molas mazo, ke no?

Wed Sep 11 11:36:19 2002
the real map !!! congratulations from Belgium, Europe.

Thu Sep 12 16:22:16 2002
in the future, I must once see it whole. Az si jednou udelam cas, urcite se na to cely podivam!!!

Fri Sep 13 08:58:34 2002
Ahoj Blanko, prave jsem si docetl Tvuj rozhovor v Novym prostoru a namotivoval mne (zejmena ostre reakce na NYCmap) k navsteve Tveho dilka. Ikdyz neoplyvam perfektni znalosti anglictiny, moc se mi libi komentare k fotkam. Nektera mista poznavam, kdyz jsem pred dvema lety prochazel Manhattanem. Nejsem estet ani webdesigner, abych Tve dilo posoudil z profesni stranky, ale pro obycejneho cloveka jako jsem ja jsi odvedla ohromny kus dobre prace (good job jak mi casto rikali cernosi ve Virginii). Nevim kdy opet zavitam do NY, ale diky Tve mape si muzeme se zenou prochazet mista, ktera se nam navzdy vryla do pameti svymi okamziky vsedniho dne, ktery se pro nas stal splnenim detskeho snu - videt New York. A at uz si "profici" ci anonymove pisou cokoli, Tobe patri nas dik a moc Ti fandime a posilame e-povzbuzeni do dalsi tvurci prace. Petr a Irenka. e-mail: PS: Ten Tvuj novy filmecek bude nekde k mani?

Fri Sep 13 14:25:11 2002
Přečetl jsem si rozhovor v Prostoru a zaujalo mne _íleně rozdílné hodnocení projektu. Pro_el jsem letmo stránky a naplnil si význam pro mne nového pojmu net art. Je to ka_dopádně něco nového, budu si muset na podobné projekty zvyknout. Ale je to podle mého mínění zajímavě udělané.

Fri Sep 13 22:56:15 2002

Sat Sep 14 04:01:06 2002

Sun Sep 15 04:45:01 2002
Awesome page! I enjoyed it a lot, but you need some pictures of the Statue of Liberty, I didn't see any of it.

Mon Sep 16 01:05:03 2002
hi marketa, I discover your website by coincidence, because I'm from paris and I'm going to live in nyc next january... I find it weird first, then funny! I'm also a dj/producer and promoter in advanced electronic music... so, hope to meet you in one of your walk! fabas ;)

Wed Sep 18 15:28:51 2002
No nevím ... dívám se na to jako Čech a i kdy_ jsem v NYC nebyl,tak stránka je hrozná ... snad jen ta titulní vypadá dobře, ale to je v_e! Jestli je to forma umění, tak se omlouvám, ale jaxi tomu nerozumím.

Sun Sep 22 10:07:03 2002
good stuff thanks for the journey

Sun Sep 22 21:07:41 2002
The World Trade Center was the backbone of New York City.

Mon Sep 23 08:26:17 2002
All I wanted was a map of new york...this hasn't helped me. The music is irritating and the words do not make any sense, there are many errors. Try making it more like a normal map. I think it sucks.

Wed Sep 25 23:31:20 2002

Fri Sep 27 18:29:58 2002
..stumbled across this site for a different purpose, intended, to find something more mundane yet was confronted with this excellent work: it fit my intentions more perfectly than what I originally wished to find. Captures the atmosphere of the city and delivers it through imagery and sound.....the sheer and utter diversity of the place as a compilation of millions upon millions of people, structures and ideas is shown and projected through two simple medium certainly the most original concept i've come across on the internet, and I'd been searching for something like it although for a different locale, several years ago I could in all honestly only request that you continue the project to its fullest extent: i'd certainly (and many others would i presume) like to see the map encompass more and more of the ever changing city. Not to say that the endless leviathan (with some beautiful aspects of course) that is New York could ever be fully captured.... but its worth a try

Sat Sep 28 21:17:09 2002
I love New York,I have never been there but I plan to be there a/s/a/p.That is my dream, to live in The Big Apple. whitepanther74 of SC.Iam not a country girl,I am city girl at heart. God Bless New York.

Wed Oct 2 11:31:46 2002
Dear Marketa, Congratulations I discover your work to-day. I apreciate your view, regard, sensation on New York. I'm really impressed. I would like to know your other projects if it's possible. Jean-Pierre Porcher PS i'm photograph and architect

Thu Oct 3 03:15:03 2002
OOOH... so wonderful. You took me back to a cherished place from my childhood. It's just like the real NYC... I loved it!

Thu Oct 3 19:03:30 2002
ehm, zajímavé kolik to strávilo času? A.

Fri Oct 4 11:32:14 2002
NEni nic moc chtlo by to trochu vice te virtuality ale fotecky jsou pekne. Zdrvi Cehuni.

Sun Oct 6 01:09:23 2002
crappy map

Tue Oct 8 03:09:05 2002
Pozdravuji Vas z Brooklyne, NYC, To je vsechno muj zajimave. Angelika Richards c./o. Regina's New York Bed&Breakfast Guesthouse P

Thu Oct 10 12:28:12 2002
je to takove moc hezke jak chodis a vidis ty veci tak nak lehounce coz me nekolikrat docela pobavilo (treba rozhovor vykladnich pannen). cetl sem si to behem moji lunch-break a pripadam si trochu jako kdybych tam byl. jo musim se zas nekdy do New Yorku podivat a zjistit co vlastne teda skryvaji ony nevim a trochu me to zere

Thu Oct 10 13:53:14 2002
+ je zajimave jak lidi hodnoti stejnou vec naprosto jinAK. Tak napriklad nekomu se libi ta uvodni stranka a je to pry jediny dobry?????? ne ne rekl bych ze prave grafika je na druhem miste (uz jenom kvuli barvam ktere jsou pouzity). Co je ale na 1. miste je OBSAH. Lituji lidi kteri to nevidi a pride mi ze jsou ochuzeni o jednu z mala veci ktere opravdu stoji za to -totiz radost z naprostych pitomosti.

Fri Oct 11 06:37:13 2002
I think your site is awesome... I came across it on accident, I was looking for a "useful map"... but i ended up saving the address and I come back every once in a while. NYC is my favorite place and looking at some of the pictures, I pretend that I'm really there. Jackie

Sun Oct 13 21:55:57 2002
As a old resident of NYC who currently lives in Buffalo, NY, This website with it's sounds, stories and pictures truley are the way of NYC, hearing and seeing the experiances with the pictures makes me feel like i'm there again. This is really a great site for old residents like myself and for those who have never been there. Great Job. John J.L. C.

Mon Oct 14 19:25:32 2002
I think this is the most rediculous site I've ever seen...It's completely uninformative and a waste of my time...It's just a large photo of NYc and SFX....BIG DEAL!....Where the hell is the NYC map that I was looking for?!?!

Thu Oct 17 12:00:44 2002

Sat Oct 19 18:43:51 2002
Dear Marketa, Occasionally I go to your site looking for changes. I like your home page very much! Have you visited our site lately at and Hope you are well and happy! Jim

Tue Oct 22 16:54:33 2002
il est trop bien ton site!

Tue Oct 22 16:54:45 2002
il vraiment trop bien ton site!

Wed Oct 23 12:55:31 2002
Ahoj Markéto, (ani mě nezná_ či já tebe, a u_ ti tykam, ale snad sem tě neurazil). Hodnotím tento produkt jako vysoce originalní. Je zvlá_tní a zajímavý zároveň. Upoutá nejen projekcí, ale i netradičním ře_ením a specificky tvým pohledem na tvé oblíbené město. Je oblíbené nebo nejoblíbeněj_í? Nejsem _ádný umělec nebo odborník v net artu, tak_e to hodnotím z pozice laika. Myslím, _e se ti to povedlo, a _e si vyjádřila, co si chtěla (that´my opinion). Dočetl jsem se o něm v Novém prostoru, kde si měla rozhovor. Vypadá to, _e jsi z dal_ích chytrých a originálních Čechů, kteří se prosadili ve svém oboru. Přeju ti, aby tě múza a dobré nápady neopou_těly a ses mohla realizovat v dal_ích, neméně dobrých projektech. PS: A k tomu vypadá_ velice sexy. Co víc si přát?

Wed Oct 23 13:35:06 2002
the soho is really that nice?

Wed Oct 23 13:38:09 2002
helped him?

Fri Oct 25 22:02:17 2002
i dont know who you are or how i got into this site. but i love really much. I used to live in NY, but didnt get any pictures home with me - they were stolen. So its so nice to see you pictures from that angel you see threw. so the best of luck to you .

Sat Oct 26 04:05:37 2002
Awesome, not enough, add more please!!!!!!

Wed Oct 30 15:07:17 2002

Fri Nov 1 18:19:05 2002

Fri Nov 1 23:11:07 2002
Artistic yet worthless....

Sat Nov 2 16:48:56 2002
Marketko, kdo je Tvym Mistrem?

Mon Nov 4 05:56:50 2002
Ahoj, To je skvelo, this is magnificent, I really am impressed. Best wishes from Brooklyn, NY Pozdravi z Brooklyn, NY A. Richards c./o. Regina's New York Bed&Breakfast Guesthouse

Tue Nov 5 11:51:21 2002
Nepřehledné nelogické _patně zpracované !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!©patná ovladatelnost a pohyb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tue Nov 5 11:53:15 2002
Příli_ mnoho angličtiny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tue Nov 5 16:02:00 2002
Vas projekt ma u mladych lidi velky uspech. Pozdrav Lebisova, Dum umeni

Wed Nov 6 01:50:39 2002
My lovely girlfriend highly recommended this site, she was right as always, it is great. If you have time check out the area of Morningside park, it has many different faces. And for your question, well I'm afraid that nobody will ever find It..maybe we're not supposed to anyways but that's absolutely no reason to stop the search!

Sat Nov 9 17:07:17 2002

Mon Nov 11 04:01:38 2002
I love it....My flight is already booked and this made me want to go even more. thank you thank you thank you Christopher

Mon Nov 11 19:00:15 2002

Sun Nov 17 15:58:34 2002

Tue Nov 19 15:56:49 2002
hi I'm from Bulgaria . Are you a bulgarian ? if you are pls send me an email to the page is cool . I want to contact you !!!

Wed Nov 20 17:49:54 2002
Uao!!!! Thank's a lot for this wonderful web-site. It's all the week that I'm thinking to my trip in N-Y last june. Bye Daniele from Turin (Italy)

Fri Nov 22 11:00:33 2002

Fri Nov 22 13:24:48 2002
ahojje to perfektni vladka brno

Fri Nov 22 14:18:13 2002
I loved the end, the point, where I couldn´t go anywhere. Thanks for bludiste. See you Luke If it helps, this is my email :

Fri Nov 22 15:36:30 2002
You can't read the red font over the pics on this page: You should choose another color. Also, if I'm not from NYC, how do I know which links to click on the home page? It needs to be easier for anyone to understand. -Kimberly Yardis

Sat Nov 23 10:36:54 2002
je to hrozne zabavny!a prijemna nahoda:kamaradka zrovna odjela do New Yorku. Mela jsem jet s ni, ale nevyslo to...tak nakonec vlastne i jo. dik za paradni vylet. ana

Sat Nov 23 17:32:35 2002
Pretty good.

Sat Nov 23 18:48:50 2002
krasne krasne krasne Eva Cernikova

Sun Nov 24 15:23:49 2002
nejlepsejsi je to v subway,,,

Sun Nov 24 16:30:11 2002
I was just looking for a decent map and I found this. This website is pretty cool. It remeinds me of the choose you own adventure books I used to read as a kid.

Tue Nov 26 12:20:39 2002
Byl jsem v Domě Umění v Brně.Mám takový pocit,_e spousta lidí nepochopila,_e si mů_ou s mapou hrát.Jenom na ten počítač zdálky koukali.Ale taková procházka New Yorkem v papučích a na monitoru je dobrý nápad.Díky

Tue Nov 26 18:39:41 2002
Where can I find a detailed map of New York city? Specially "Little Italy"?

Tue Nov 26 21:46:24 2002
zajímavé, dost sugestivní. Tady Česká republika, Dvůr Králové n.L.

Wed Nov 27 07:14:20 2002

Thu Nov 28 19:47:10 2002
nelibej se mi ty stranky. cekala jsem mnohem vic po tom, co jsem si precetla nekolik clanku v novinach. lucie

Fri Nov 29 17:46:32 2002
Napad je to sqelej,fotky bezvadny(zvlast ty smontovany),zvuky pusobivy.Jen by se mi libilo trochu vic pohybu.... p.s.: Z ty zluty hadice vedouci do hlubin velkomesta co se na mousemove ztlusti jsem vydesenej este nejckonc... Also diky a ahoj :-)

Sun Dec 1 23:45:21 2002
your choce of colors are very bad, the links are almost invisible. Try to use white for links.

Tue Dec 3 04:04:03 2002
I am from Washington State & I won a trip for 4 to NYC!!! I have been there 2 times in the past, as I have relatives there. I am very excited about my trip!! I was very saddened to see the Twin Towers on your site, but am grateful for such beautiful pictures of great buildings. We should NEVER forget, this is true.

Thu Dec 5 17:24:58 2002
i think that the afagans should die

Thu Dec 5 18:22:45 2002
Hello, I stumbled onto your site when looking for a "useful" map of NY. I think that you devised an approprite scheme for viewing the city and I couldn't help but exploring the images, trying to figure out where I was being taken. the images work well because there is little connection other than the city - sometimes you feel lost. Anyway I liked your site and passed it on to other people in the city. If you update these pages you should do more of Brooklyn. Karl Baisch

Sun Dec 8 11:40:42 2002
I'm just a quick visitor to this site and just had to give you some feed back. This is just a user "unfriendly site". I just don't have the time to waster trying to figure out how to get around it.

Tue Dec 10 18:31:08 2002
Looking up a New York City Map, I came across your site. It is very interesting and kept my attention. Awesome!

Wed Dec 11 18:07:27 2002
Hi, I am a university student in Oxford, England. I'm supposed to be revising and I stumbled across your site. I really like it - but then I am madly in love with new york so figures! :) Thanks Daniel Cooper

Wed Dec 11 23:33:34 2002
ty ses ta baňková? co doná_ela na jarolímovou? tak ty se_ teda pěkná kráva! to sem ti chtěla říct. juráčková

Thu Dec 12 15:21:07 2002
Jarolímovou neznám, co_ je _koda, proto_e bych na ni někam něco ráda donesla. Baňková

Sat Dec 14 12:14:24 2002
who reads this shit anyways

Mon Dec 16 22:14:14 2002
amazing- this is great! DK boston, MA

Sun Dec 22 21:40:44 2002
Ahoj from San Diego - Thank you for such a fun map - I love NYC and my brother is visiting there for the holiday. He just called me from Times Square and I wanted so much to be with him. So I searched for NYC map on the net and found your site. I was just telling him about the A & K deli on 50th and 7th and how great the egg sandwiches are and there, on your map, was a photo of the exact place! It was the next best thing to being there! I loved the sounds and shots. Thank you! How about one for Prague? Another favorite city of mine..... I am Kat from San Diego, California...

Thu Dec 26 19:44:41 2002
This site blows donkey poop.

Fri Dec 27 04:08:46 2002
This is the best site I have ever been to. The artistic value of the overall idea is grand. Thanks for letting me visit new york while sitting home in the west.

Fri Dec 27 06:14:54 2002
Cool site.

Fri Jan 3 12:32:18 2003

Fri Jan 3 23:19:08 2003
V_echno je to skvělý.A taky v_ude sháním zvuk ru_ného města-kdyby nahodou nějakej byl,tak bych ho ocenil.Dik...muj

Wed Jan 8 06:02:47 2003
Marketa, you make lovely pictures. i felt in sublime transport as i went through your (mysterious) site.

Fri Jan 10 22:14:19 2003
New York City, "The Big Apple" is the best City in the whole wide world!

Sun Jan 12 02:00:32 2003
I would like to see some of Staten Island and their colleges, nad what jobs are close to college. I would also like to have directions from North Eastern Pennsylvania to Staten Island please.

Sun Jan 12 03:49:11 2003
I am the sound designer for my school's production of West Side Story and I'm looking for some good sounds of the streets of New York City. If you could tell me how you acquired yours or who you can put me in touch with that would be great.

Sun Jan 12 03:50:25 2003
it might help if you had a way to contact

Mon Jan 13 19:53:05 2003
Really good pictures. The truth is that I was looking for an useful map but I was overwhelmed by the magic of the pictures. Congratulations!

Mon Jan 20 22:52:43 2003
red copy on a brown background is not very readable

Tue Jan 21 12:53:41 2003
I came across this site accidently, but found a phenomenal work that utilizes the internet at its utmost. More cities should try this form. I also really enjoy the moods, the nights and days, the strong p.o.v., the unflinching gaze as it were. Wonderful. A minor quibble in regards to sound downloads that pop-up for realplayer, bring ads, then last for miliseconds. It disrupts the flow, when other pages seem to download seamlessly. I'd like to see expansions north, into the park, and toward the Bronx. San Francisco, Boston, or Chicago could benefit from such depictions as well as interesting and varied destinations -- Montreal, Missoula, Milan, Mazatlan and Montparnasse. Dean Walker,

Mon Feb 3 05:58:05 2003
I think this website is very weird, it suxs, you can't see shit... and Ya Have The Worst Pics of NYC I have ever seen...Thank you very much... Your Mama

Mon Feb 3 20:52:16 2003
totally sucks!!!!

Wed Feb 5 09:45:58 2003
Best site I have ever seen. Thanks.

Thu Feb 6 11:49:24 2003
cau jak se mas

Thu Feb 6 11:49:25 2003
cau jak se mas

Thu Feb 6 11:49:27 2003
cau jak se mas

Fri Feb 7 15:32:33 2003
Dear Marketa Bankova So beauteful work, that I can in english neither in american tell it with the perfect words. So sorry for writing it in french but the important is to tell it as I sincerely feel it. "Votre travail est semblable ŕ votre étrange beauté, léger et énigmatique, sűr de lui et singuličrement procréateur. C'est en me promenant sur la toile, pour écrire une lettre ŕ l'une de mes amies, qu'en recherchant une avenue de New York, je débarque sur un étrange plan de ville qui enfin vous guide ailleurs. Si tous les plans de ville, pouvait nous transporter lŕ ou nous n'avons pas réellement l'intention de nous exprimer, nous deviendrions alors tous des piétons, plantés sur nos deux jambes, avec un autre regard, artiste et passionné, comme vous l'ętes. Alors continuez de nous guider, ŕ votre beau regard qui crée.' Best regards Pascal Colpin

Sun Feb 9 05:12:56 2003
Ahoj Marketo a vsichni cesi v New York City!!!! Prima dilko, i kdyz jsem hledala mapu subwaye...zase jsem si uvedomila, jak jsou cesi sikovni. Moc se Ti to povedlo, doufam, ze mapa "pokvete" dal, tech par kritickych vzkazu je asi od tech, co nedokazali preladit z turisty na umelce (nebo jsou proste polena) a asi by to bez nich ani neslo..Hodne stesti!!! piste :))

Thu Feb 13 22:47:18 2003
ý think this site is not excelent but almost excelent you guys doing preety well..thank you ,abjon from turkey

Fri Feb 14 16:25:16 2003
het buddy i love ray great site!!

Fri Feb 14 16:26:40 2003
hey i love great site !! thank you u help me a lot!!

Fri Feb 14 16:27:53 2003
ashley is best friend 02/14/03

Fri Feb 14 16:28:28 2003

Fri Feb 14 16:28:36 2003

Fri Feb 14 16:28:41 2003

Fri Feb 14 21:53:22 2003
love it love it love it...aloha Kennedy

Sat Feb 15 01:16:53 2003
Hi! I think your site is awesome. Very informative to a girl from Texas! I love seeing the life of those in the city and what goes on there. Thanks for showing me.

Sun Feb 16 19:00:35 2003
Milá Markéto, je to hodně zvlá_tn a proto se mi to líbí. Ty fotky jsi dělala sama?

Sun Feb 16 19:15:01 2003
To jsem zase já...pherenice...jak jsi k takovému nápadu při_la? Co takhle zdokumentovat tapickou českou ves? Záběr do korun stromů, v lese zpívají ptáčci; pohled kamerou do útrob kurníku, v_ude kolem dupou slepice...:)

Mon Feb 17 01:28:30 2003
very cool

Tue Feb 18 04:26:42 2003
Hi! I'm Vivian. I was looking for a city map of New York city 'cause I'm planning to be there for work. I searched in Google and this web site appeared first in the list. It's than I expected, I feel I'm there. Every photo shows me an inner part of NY. The site is great! I loved. I want to be there right now. This year I'm gonna be there! Now, I'm in the very South of the Southamerican Continent, in Argentina. Near the Antarctica, ja, can you believe that! Excellent job!!! Hope see you soon. Bye. Viv. E-mail:

Sun Feb 23 16:59:42 2003
whoa... I will be there in march. the sounds, the sights. I will look for it. I hope to find it.

Fri Mar 14 13:08:28 2003
This is a great idea!! Robert from Warsaw, Poland

Mon Mar 17 00:16:26 2003
I stumbled across your map looking for a good subway map to download to my PDA (as I'm sure many people will)...but I stayed and browsed for quite a while because of the beauty and artistry of your photography. I grew up in NYC and think you captured it really well, it made me nostalgic to go back. Thank you for sharing what you see through your eyes and the lens of your camera, it was really well done.

Tue Mar 18 08:53:29 2003

Wed Mar 19 07:40:46 2003
The vision for this project is huge, which is awesome. I think the narrative was a bit clumsy, to be honest (are you aware of the typos on the opening page?). But beautiful.

Wed Mar 19 11:23:51 2003
Zbo_ňuju va_e stránky.

Sat Mar 22 00:26:53 2003
Like others who were looking for a map of NYC, I stumbled across your page. An incredible site that captures the "IT" NYC has. Even without ever knowing what that "IT" is, you've created a map of the living city, not a grid of streets and places, but an emotional tour of mind, body and spirit. I will visit often.

Thu Mar 27 20:55:11 2003
REEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLL coooooooooooolllllllllll picturesssssssssssss!!! I love New York . This is my city!!!!!

Sun Mar 30 11:04:55 2003
best website i ever saw australia

Mon Apr 7 00:58:35 2003
je voulais aller a New York et monter au sommet d'une des Tours (Twintowers) .Helas!

Mon Apr 7 18:36:35 2003

Fri Apr 11 16:50:04 2003
Honestly to say i looked for a full map of New York, but what i found our here in this virtual version was far beyond any expectations. This map really shows one side of New York that can't capture me at all and moreover could make me even hesitate going there. But everything was done in a great way and with lots of imagination and diversity. I like it a lot and still a little disapoointed from the atmosphere in the town at all or why should i expect something else? Sincerely yours, Kaloyan

Tue Apr 22 19:24:38 2003
u are cool

Fri Apr 25 22:51:43 2003
I put a link to your site on my desktop on Sept. 11,2001. I click on it evryone once in a while to see if it is still there. And to see if the Twins are still there. I'm amazed that nothing has chnged or seems to have been added.

Tue Apr 29 01:21:23 2003
Cau Marketo, No musim rict ze tvuj projekt vypada v téhle fázi dost amatersky, myslim si ze tohle téma by se dalo zpracovat mnohem mnohem lépe (technicky)... co takhle zkusit to ve flashi .... Mej se kraasne... Maara

Tue Apr 29 15:45:48 2003 'bout a MAP!

Mon May 5 21:56:26 2003
thanks for the interesting tour i like to see new york city in its many guises, not just the typical or expected view that we often get from tourist-oriented programs please add more!

Wed May 7 01:09:25 2003
I don't speak English very well, but I would like to say you that I love your photo. (My email address is

Wed May 21 20:58:28 2003
I live here so of course I found it. This site is amazing, I love it! I wouldn't change a thing, I think it's an incredible journey through the greatest city in the world.

Thu May 22 21:55:35 2003
No, I did not find a 'map' on this website.Im talkind streets and intersections baby. Whats up with that?But it is interesting...

Sat May 24 19:04:49 2003
i love the site! can't wait for you to add more so i can come check it out. i've been to nyc several times and this is really good for a representation of true life. the only thing i'd change is the twin towers part, maybe add a time button so you can see the memorials that are up too. anyway, this is a great site, good idea!

Mon May 26 15:07:13 2003
this map sucks! I want directions not shitty ass art.

Thu Jun 5 14:54:41 2003
This is the single most coolest website I have ever seen. Never has anyone expressed their love for NY, NY like you in your images and words...I'm here in Dallas.. But I want to be back in NYC. I'll move there in October...the center of life. I saw the memorial from a helicopter last several tall blgs. near ground zero are shrouded top to bottom in black mesh, a widow's veil..

Mon Jun 9 19:21:02 2003
Perfecto!Me sorprendiste de tal manera...que disfruté. Y creo que aun podriamos sorprender mas. Antes, pero dejame digerir la novedad.

Sun Jun 15 19:24:49 2003
we think its a great website. we lived in new-york for two years and your site realy brings out the life and vibe of the city. we love your web and we mostly love the city!!!! we hope to visit there again ver soon. the only thing you xcan do to upgrade you'r site is to add more video clips so we can sitdown and weep that we'r not there at the moment:)

Sat Jun 21 08:48:09 2003
moc se mi to líbí Přemý_lím , _e bych tak vytvořil třebas procházku po Brně Jarek

Mon Jun 23 01:48:52 2003
wonderful, thanks for taking the time to publish your art. Jim Atlanta, Ga USA

Fri Jun 27 12:08:04 2003

Sat Jun 28 16:11:31 2003
Never ever take down those twin pictures. Thanks for the journey.

Sat Jun 28 19:11:19 2003
I love the art.. its so creative and colorful! It really brings out the best of New York City! Also love the affects!

Tue Jul 1 01:19:09 2003
Great site. As a former "New Yorker" myself, I found all the shots from the twin towers especially touching. Great site I will recommend to many! God bless.

Tue Jul 1 23:31:14 2003

Wed Jul 2 23:40:40 2003
new york stinks ass

Sat Jul 5 05:32:07 2003
Hi Marketa: great job! By your web site you actually reach your goal: you made one who lives in Big Apple for awile see the NY from the inside. I just love! particularly the sound of subway- as well as some views of time squere or woman who is trying to catch the cab...good job! Also i look of some other of your works as well as yuor friends- those works are pretty good too... (sweet shitting is awsam- interesting effect)...good luck guys- hope to see more of your works on Chech well as new York.

Wed Jul 9 08:41:12 2003
The color use truly makes your site unreadable! Awful, sorry...

Sun Jul 13 02:24:09 2003
Thank you - great information and site! Especially liked the subway route finder!

Sun Jul 13 14:09:55 2003
This is a very nice project. NYC is art itself ! Alberto Torino, Italy

Sun Jul 13 20:01:36 2003
i loved it funky and fresh!!!

Wed Jul 16 16:01:30 2003
It's really Excellent!! I like the way you did this tour. Thanks for sharing! Alma (from Mexico)

Fri Jul 18 23:54:24 2003
i wanted a map not some dumbass pictures

Mon Jul 21 17:08:51 2003
Hallo! I am from Italy, i love your site. Expecially your photographs.which are really shows the atmosphere... I love N.Y , I have been there only once last year and for 6 days only. I wander what we have to find when you speack of IT? Please write me if you want.My Love, Silvia

Tue Jul 22 03:15:22 2003
Wonderful!! I miss this city....

Mon Jul 28 16:51:37 2003
great pictures/composition!

Sat Aug 2 00:36:29 2003
i liked your idea but i really wanted a map and this was indeed dissappointing... i mean it had to be the name that most closely suggested MAP OF NEW YORK but it wasnt

Wed Aug 6 00:20:00 2003
Hi! I've been enjoying your *map* for some time now. I was inspired by it to take photos myself when I went to NYC last week. Thanks! Here is the link to my own experience in NYC: One of the shots, titled *Liberty* was directly inspired by your Statue of LIberty through the store window image. If you feel the two are too close, please let me know and I'll remove it. Thanks, David

Wed Aug 13 17:11:41 2003
This map is so stupid.. Art, yeah right. I think you people need to go back and really try to figure out what art really is because that you people have on this site is GARBAGE... And if you have any responses or comments please feel free to contact me at

Wed Aug 13 17:30:11 2003
This shit suckssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

Wed Aug 13 17:30:39 2003
remove this dumb shittttttttttttttt

Wed Aug 13 17:31:13 2003
remove this piece of bull crap.

Thu Aug 28 07:20:12 2003
Aug 27. 2003 Came upon this while planning a trip to NYC. Married to a New Yorker for 20+ years, love it. Am going to send the address to everyone I know; it is like a short trip to the city.... You are missing the sounds of the garbage trucks and the pipes rattling inside apartment buildings, tho. Also the sound of late night greek diners and of produce markets... I guess I just need that trip.

Mon Sep 1 01:57:18 2003
I found the site wonderful and very interesting to look for "It"...I'll keep looking....but the site is three shades of entertaining....

Thu Sep 4 23:37:32 2003
that was truly amazing, thank you

Mon Sep 8 06:30:41 2003

Mon Sep 8 21:09:55 2003
Your map is incredible. What are you doing now? student? working? I want to discuss some potential projects...

Wed Sep 17 19:34:48 2003
One of the stupidist, friggin (if not "the" stupidist friggen)web sites I have ever seen. ozwizard

Fri Sep 19 14:28:33 2003
hi... your site is amazing. many persons are not only interested in knowing NY by a regular map but to be introduced to NY scenes and with a somewhat insider look. your map is very nice on this aspects. congrats! paulo from brazil

Tue Sep 23 00:59:59 2003
Site is being mentioned to Busy backgrounds, unreadable text, mincemeat navigation... this one has it all! Utterly useless, not even the excuse of "THIS IS AN ART SITE" can redeem it!

Wed Sep 24 22:15:06 2003
Be honest, now. Was it ever really meant to be found?

Fri Sep 26 05:13:30 2003
I think it was really good. Nearly brings it to you. I would love to experience similar about Mumbai,India my home.

Sun Oct 5 12:07:17 2003
I am sorry if what I have to say is contradictory or unpleasant, but since you invite response I cannot be blamed. I must say that your site is beautiful, and poignant, but hackneyed and trite just the same, and it is obvious you don't come from New York. I can see how you love the City...we all do. I can see how you want to evoke visions of the City for people who have never seen it or who haven't seen it in awhile...and you do that. People from Atlanta write and say how they saw the City once a year ago and want to see it again and they love your site. People from Germany and France and Poland and Italy say God knows what but I can rightly guess it's in the same vein. Here's the contradiction; the spirit of the City is in its people, the ones who love it and cherish it but who LIVE in it, and go about their lives without noticing the honking subway loudsystem, who eat lunch on a Tuesday at any one of those tourist attractions, who give money to the homeless, who go to church at St Patrick's or St. John's, or synagogue or who kneel toward Mecca, who cashier or shop at bodegas at 3 AM, who pay $500 for a shoebox in Midtown, who go to the library to actually take out books, or to Central park to walk their dogs. New York City isn't "Breakfast at Tiffany's" , "King King", or "An Affair to Remember". It is its PEOPLE. It is even the tourists from afar, the "718's", the "bridge and tunneler's", it is all of these things. And you DO capture all of these things. You capture the cold reality of it, but its spirit is, I am sorry to say, quite alien to you.

Sun Oct 5 12:07:50 2003

Sun Oct 5 12:09:47 2003
PS, I am sorry, you must be Czech. I read some more of your messages, and I know that "ahoj" (ahoy) means "hello" in Czech.

Sun Oct 5 14:43:07 2003
it is the best side, i have seen about new york city and it was verry helpfully to plan me visit of new york city in the next comming weeks. greatings jürgen from berlin gernany

Tue Oct 7 13:28:01 2003
Beautiful site, just been to New York and I wish I had found this site before my visit. It really captures the vibe of the city and gave me the same feeling I had when I was there! Well done

Tue Oct 7 13:35:25 2003
Why is the WTC still there?

Thu Oct 9 07:15:45 2003
adress of word trade centers in new york city.

Thu Oct 9 16:32:40 2003
put down the site!! it's a stupid site

Sun Oct 12 06:35:09 2003
Maketka, fotky a uzasne zvuky ulic NY sa mi pacia. Dakujem za ne. Drzim prsty v Tvojom novom projekte, o ktorom si velmi nechcela rozpravat v relacii Noc s Andelom na CT2. :o} Zelam vela uspechov. Radka

Sun Oct 12 22:08:02 2003
ahoj marketo. viděl sem tě v televizi v noci s andělem a vzhledem k tomu, že si docela třeštidlo a pěkná ženská, tak sem chtěl vidět i tu stránku. je to docela mazec! nejsem teda žádný velký odborník, ale má to určitě hodně do sebe a některý věci (zvuky) jsou úplně přesný k tomu aby to celý žilo! At se ti vede co nejlépe a hodně peněz na projekty! zkus udělat nějaký o praze (určitě by to mělo velký ohlas, myslím, že tu sou super místa co by žrali v tom tvém podání úplně všichni, ale nechám to na tobě :) měj se hezky Ondra

Sun Oct 12 23:13:11 2003
Hezky fotky (i ty zvuky z ulice), na ty dvojcata by "native" mohli bejt choulostivy (tam, a tady na tu horni paralelu s Hradcanama). Par stranek jsem si pro zabavu taky udelal, ale holt to nema ten umeleckej grunt. ( ; ; ; ; a koneckoncu ) Zdravi a hodne napadu preje zzchro

Mon Oct 13 15:16:44 2003
Ahoj Markéto, moc ses mi líbila v noci s Andělem a tak jsem se podívala na tvoje stránky, moc pěkné, ale líbilo by se mi to také o Praze, kterou pořádně neznám, (vdala jsem se tu), neuvažuješ o tom? Držím Ti palce, aby se ti povedly další projekty, Vlasta

Mon Oct 13 23:29:48 2003
I love your site. It's very unique. I have never seen anything like it. I am originally from NY, but I moved when I was young, so the "tour" was very interesting. Keep up the good work, and maybe you'll come out with an Indie film one day!!! I definitely will look out for you name. ---Angel---

Thu Oct 16 04:31:40 2003

Thu Oct 16 12:26:32 2003
i'm totally impressed by this website.Really great job done.It's like being back live in this Megapolis again !

Fri Oct 17 21:35:01 2003
Dear Marketa: it's great. Are you living in New York? The gallery in the dowtown, the elevator looks very familiar, maybe I was there too. Your art site is great, your New York is very close to mine feeling about this town. Ad the Twin Tower is a complete memorial. Faihtfully György Péter ( Budapest(

Tue Oct 21 21:45:56 2003
"Map" is a misleading term here. This is a photo essay, not something comprenhensive or track-able as a map would imply. A map is how you FIND things.

Thu Oct 23 09:18:19 2003
you are a genius-johanmattsson

Thu Oct 23 11:51:32 2003
the map should tell that where is the houses,bus stops,airports,railway station,and much more it can not show more areas like empire state buildings like beaches.............

Thu Oct 23 11:53:16 2003
the map can not show houses and areas like beaches and parks

Thu Oct 23 22:13:20 2003
slusny !

Thu Oct 23 22:14:11 2003

Thu Oct 23 22:25:35 2003
you gave me positive vibrations of interest-i'm not asking for nothing else-thanx

Fri Oct 24 06:36:04 2003
Ahoj ja taky moc miluju N.Y.C i kdyz jsem tam nikdy nebyl a je mi mic lito ze jsem ani nevidel veze WTC.Ja vlestne miluju cely U.S.A ale az dodelam skolu tak bych se tam rad odstehoval.

Fri Oct 24 06:36:06 2003
Ahoj ja taky moc miluju N.Y.C i kdyz jsem tam nikdy nebyl a je mi mic lito ze jsem ani nevidel veze WTC.Ja vlestne miluju cely U.S.A ale az dodelam skolu tak bych se tam rad odstehoval.

Fri Oct 24 06:36:08 2003
Ahoj ja taky moc miluju N.Y.C i kdyz jsem tam nikdy nebyl a je mi mic lito ze jsem ani nevidel veze WTC.Ja vlestne miluju cely U.S.A ale az dodelam skolu tak bych se tam rad odstehoval.

Fri Oct 24 06:36:44 2003

Sun Oct 26 18:31:44 2003
Does the First Lady of Virtual New York give personal tours of the city? Seriously.

Mon Oct 27 17:14:43 2003
conceptual and visceral never been to new york, but in your piece i can taste the taxi exhaust -datu

Thu Oct 30 01:46:25 2003
Thank you

Thu Oct 30 06:38:08 2003
This is probably the most brilliant thing I have ever seen. When I moved from Minneapolis I had only two choices in my head that would help my career. New York, and L.A. I live in L.A., but New York is where I would rather be once things get started. And I'm there, through this site. It also helps since I'm writing a story on-line that takes place in Manhattan, and I've never been there, so your site helps more than you know. I'm looking for your China Town, I'm sure I'll find it with a little twisting and turning. And I found you, to my surprise youreally are quite beautiful. Keep it up, it's brilliant. Best, Phillip Kelly

Sat Nov 1 22:37:35 2003
great site,but im sure you been told before,the "twins" page needs to be up dated

Sun Nov 2 03:53:38 2003
this is a great site! made me feel right at home! Peggy Panic

Tue Nov 4 23:47:32 2003
interesting. A California who loves NYC. It shows the grit I like to see.

Thu Nov 6 08:55:46 2003
hi this is dhiraj singh of nepal.iam 17 yrs old.i love your newyorkcity.and i want to reach there .can u help me. my email is and phone no is 526161 my city name is biratnagar.nepal

Fri Nov 7 22:37:57 2003
super duper fantastic

Sun Nov 9 19:46:35 2003
Really fabulous

Mon Nov 24 11:50:00 2003
Hi love your site,the sound of New York has a great feel that makes your map come alive. night and day,walking in the street,riding in the subway or just looking at,or talking to people.Most sites on the net are direct at the tourist. "idea" how about a walk though central park . I live in Melbourne Australia,soon to be visiting your city as a art student ,group of about twenty from RMIT University , for two weeks to take in all the art museums, artist talks and just to see. bye regards Richard

Tue Nov 25 10:07:46 2003
Its dope..I liked how raw it is,,If you like, just the fact that most interactive navigation sites are pretty slick, and there for dont have spirit, but this one captures the sence of varety and chaos in NY that makes it the city that never takes a nap..peace B*

Tue Nov 25 19:54:53 2003
It was FUN! and a pleasant surprise since i was really looking for a map of new york city.

Wed Nov 26 15:01:23 2003
>>THIS IS AN ART SITE. ?? no, This is a poorly designed site, with text over a busy background which prohibits it from being read... what a waste of bandwidth..

Thu Dec 4 01:04:01 2003
Hello, Marketa! I'm a very interested in New York City. Maybe I want to be live in New York City. But, many people live in NYC. NYC is the most largest city of the Untied States. I still think about NY. Depend on my jobs. I never go to NY for in my life. NYC is beautiful city!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

Fri Dec 5 18:13:28 2003
I volunteer as an expert for NYC on and happened onto this. Will send onto my clients for sure. You can almost smell the candied peanuts roasting and the sewer gas------love it and thanks. Jennifer from Arkansas

Fri Dec 5 18:36:24 2003
Forgot to add---what would complete this is the contrast to the softer side of the city; a walk in Central Park, or a martini at the Stanhope bar across from the MET.

Sun Dec 7 21:26:06 2003
moc se mi to libí, udělal jsem si kopii a upravuji ji podle svých zážitků v NY. Mimochodem jsi moc krásné děvče k zulíbání. Tvůj obdivovatel Noryco ICQ 15211111

Sun Dec 7 23:10:42 2003
i love this website. You did a very good job going around the city. I don't live in NYC anymore but I feel like I'm at home when I go through the website. Thanks!

Sun Dec 7 23:19:48 2003
for u dumb folk who think this site is a piece of crap and too "artsy"....there are plenty of people who have enjoyed it and felt at home while looking at it so just bug off ;)

Wed Dec 17 19:06:29 2003
I loved the site. I am from Shreveport, Louisiana and have no clue what is like to live in New York Ciy. Through your art I could gather a sense of the city as well as the people.

Sat Dec 27 22:59:42 2003
ich bin beeindruckt. birgit. ich auch. thomas

Thu Jan 1 03:33:37 2004
wow this is very very awsome. I'm trying to transfer to a University in new york and this greatly ispires me. I love how not all pictures are the same. It makes the trip interesting.

Wed Jan 7 18:50:35 2004
Opravdu dobrý, díky. Josef

Wed Jan 7 19:00:22 2004

Thu Jan 8 11:01:49 2004
Dobry den, v televizi jsem videla odkaz na Vase stranky a jelikoz New York je moje velika, zatim jeste platonicka laska (doufam, ze jednou se ta laska naplni a ja tam pojedu), rozhodla jsem se sem skocit a trosku to tu prohlidnout .... a musim rict, ze je to jednoduse SUPER ! Diky za skvele fotky. I textu jsem rozuměla (občas teda ne, ale slovnik to jistil). Tak to je asi tak vsechno, co jsem Vam chtela napsat. Hned jsem si stranky ulozila mezi oblibene a ted slintam nad mym vysnenym mestem, snad ho nekdy poslintam i v realu :o). Btw. stastny Novy rok 2004. Michaela Adamkova

Fri Jan 9 15:26:02 2004

Sun Jan 11 02:44:53 2004
78-02 Liberty Avenue, Ozone Park, NY.

Sun Jan 11 17:24:39 2004
hello Marketa Bankova I just thought that the most attractive part of your sight, was you... So maybe we can chat and I can explore a better part of NYC. My name is David Alexander, I am 25 years old, live in Brooklyn, NY with family and am 5'9 180 pounds...Tan complexion...also have pictures...get back to me if you like.

Mon Jan 12 22:54:19 2004
this sucks

Wed Jan 14 21:11:19 2004
hi. my name is morgan. i came across your website accidentally but was put into a trance just looking at it. I love the idea. I had one of those " why didnt i think of that" thoughts. I would love to know what you are doing on the site now. It's a really cool idea. I enjoyed it immensely!!!!! Morgan Preston Penthouse Executive Club 603 W 45th NY NY 10036 212.259.4202 direct 917.688.8926 mobile 60

Thu Jan 15 02:21:42 2004
You have a creative site and I enjoyed it. You might find helpful for redesigning your website so that it is more user-friendly in a very creative way. Check out the website - I got on it and found it to be very well done.

Mon Jan 19 19:05:46 2004
je to pekna stranka se spoustou zajimavech fotek.diky ti za ni!!!mej se stepik

Fri Jan 23 16:22:45 2004

Wed Jan 28 19:44:46 2004
An amazing and mesmerizing document of New york. I love it. Thank you for doing it.

Fri Jan 30 00:10:56 2004
I added your site as a great link on my tiny site which deals with the tiny nice place where I live. Your site is really lovely.

Fri Jan 30 23:46:57 2004
I'm sorry, but I guess I'm not eclectic enough to get it. Some really interesting pictures though. As I was reading your journal I had to wonder-Do you suffer from multiple personality disorder? Or are you on psychotropic drugs? STRANGE!!!!!!

Tue Feb 3 19:00:48 2004

Fri Feb 6 14:34:57 2004

Sat Feb 7 22:56:39 2004
Stupid & misleading - call your site something else

Sat Feb 7 22:56:53 2004
Waste of my damn time!

Tue Feb 10 22:06:08 2004
That's a good idea! And what a pleasure to see the real NYC! Thank you.

Wed Feb 11 07:46:01 2004
Hello Marketa, My name is Brian and I reside in San Diego, CA. I have lived in Manhattan... Upper Westside; 88th St. between Amsterdam & Columbus Ave (Cool) East Village; 1st Ave & East 1st St. (scary) Little Italy; Lafayette St & Broome St. (Nostalgic street, classic store on corner) Gramercy Park; 22nd & Park Ave South (That was a nice high rise) I was fortunate enough 2 live in Manhattan, since I modeled 4 a large agency I now realize how much I am influenced by this epic city I am an inspiring Film Director & Screenwriter Woody Allen is my mentor as far as a film genius that portrays life in NYC I know of the greats, such as Martin Scorsese's and Lee Strasburg; Creator of the Actors Studio I love the culture everywhere there, except maybe the upper eastside (too pretentious) I could go on and on with a list of all the "must" experiences in Manhattan There is so much there !!! When I looked @ your site, it reminded me of what U see from an artistic perspective; the surreal & abstract characters I am very involved with Digital Media & am going 2 launch a web site this year I would like to collaborate with U and remain in contact Let me know what you think ? Brian Ortiz , San Diego California

Wed Feb 11 07:47:36 2004
Hello again, YES, I realized I forgot 2 give U my eMail address to remain in contact Thank you, Brian Ortiz

Wed Feb 11 11:39:44 2004
Dear Marketa, I am writing this to you from Germany - I was in NYC in November of 2002 and I was wondering why you have not updated the site in regards to the Twin Towers no longer being there? Is it because you wanted to express the fact that New York will never forget the towers nor the poeple who used to work in them? Sort of as a sign that New York will never give in to things like terrorism and hatred? Best wishes, Sonja Donovan (

Thu Feb 26 16:27:42 2004
I want localitation Rector st.

Sun Feb 29 17:10:57 2004
I am looking for a subway map to print out for a visitor to New York. Do you have a subway map of the train systems that I can get so that they do not get lost.

Tue Mar 2 14:53:56 2004

Thu Mar 4 16:22:16 2004

Thu Mar 4 18:19:08 2004

Sat Mar 6 07:24:31 2004
your site sucks... I mean I appreciate your effort, but thebackround is hard on the eyes with the red text. I like the pic, but put it as a picture with a solid backround. p.s. if you take exception to this, my name is danny... ask for me around 168th and ft. washington... people know me

Sat Mar 6 07:29:11 2004
sorry for bitching didn't realize this was an "art" site

Tue Mar 9 14:23:44 2004

Tue Mar 9 14:32:26 2004

Wed Mar 10 11:50:32 2004
Hi Im Sylwester from Warsaw but I love NYC as you I think. Your site made me so happy especially that today I have really bad day THANX Do you visit Warsaw sometimes Have you ever been here !!! If one day you will be here call me Ill take my photos from NYC. my email is and my cp: +48 606 607 509 thank you again

Thu Mar 11 20:33:45 2004
Hello! I'm russian/ Ĺáŕë _ âŕń âńĺő!

Tue Mar 16 09:46:03 2004
from your pictures, your one hot babe...yummy

Tue Mar 16 17:49:39 2004
I'm now officially afraid of visiting New York City.

Tue Mar 16 19:28:26 2004

Sat Mar 20 19:53:04 2004
odessa. Adam Beyer. ukraine. Meg Ryan. life. photo. love. nature. forever...

Wed Mar 31 17:43:18 2004
Wild man! I wanna be there. Andreas, Sweden

Wed Mar 31 20:01:30 2004
i think these are really great pictures. i was looking for some like that becuase in 2 days im going to new york and i wanted to know what new york really looked like. and i especially like the one of the dog!!! he was so cute!!! so thankx for posting your pictures

Wed Mar 31 23:09:13 2004
Very nice ! Davide webmaster

Thu Apr 1 00:24:40 2004
update your site

Fri Apr 2 13:15:09 2004
i was searching a map of NYC and I found your internet adress on google. That's fantastical. Bye. Kurtis From Paris

Mon Apr 5 10:24:43 2004

Tue Apr 6 09:15:04 2004
Chces jebat?

Wed Apr 7 21:06:41 2004
Very cool, except for the Twins section. Perhaps an update??

Thu Apr 8 15:28:04 2004
wow! made me feel like i was there again! beautiful ex-new york resident from an Australian

Wed Apr 14 10:38:48 2004

Wed Apr 14 10:38:59 2004
really kool

Wed Apr 14 10:39:06 2004
really really kool

Wed Apr 14 10:39:11 2004
you rock

Wed Apr 14 10:39:14 2004

Wed Apr 14 10:39:17 2004

Wed Apr 14 10:39:20 2004

Wed Apr 14 10:39:23 2004

Wed Apr 14 10:39:27 2004

Thu Apr 15 23:44:28 2004
Real cool site. I´m even intending to live there! Very creative art and texts! Gloria, from Brasil

Fri Apr 16 01:57:32 2004
This site is just goofy. What are you liberals thinking?

Tue Apr 20 14:37:38 2004

Tue Apr 20 18:43:00 2004
merci beaucoup, thank you very much from france jean françois, 28ans. paris.

Thu Apr 22 01:08:10 2004
i fuck that!!!!!

Sun Apr 25 02:32:41 2004
very cool! ...thanks. h

Sun Apr 25 02:59:54 2004
yes put something informative on it .this serves no purpose

Sun Apr 25 17:56:45 2004
i find you so beautifull on the tv screen. I would like discovered and french kissing your landscape body. enjoy to answer me...

Tue Apr 27 21:59:42 2004
Very interesting site and perspective. A little confusing, but I like it that way! -Kyle

Wed Apr 28 08:30:55 2004
Thank you Marketa. From someone who has just visited NY for the first time, and was reminded of what an exhilarating city it is. Your map is very evocative.... Best, Jo (Australia)

Wed Apr 28 11:01:45 2004
Hello!...I'd want an info...I am an artist moving in NY...which are the more artsy districts/areas in NYC nowadays? Thank you

Wed Apr 28 11:02:41 2004
Hello!...I am an artist moving in NYC...Which are the most artsy areas/districts nowadays? Thank you

Fri May 7 19:33:56 2004
I haven't found It .... yet ... But I've found something else - in the words of the english poet Alfred Lord Tennyson: The happiness of a man in this life does not consist in the absence but in the mastery of his passions. You seem to be passionate about this - so great respect to you

Sun May 9 19:57:30 2004
I'm French. NY is one of my favourite destinations dreams. It'll probably be 2005 or 2006 now. Looking for a may of the city, I "choose" your site. Well, congratulations. Luc

Mon May 10 16:23:44 2004
Hi! really nice site, you're definitely capturing something hard to define from that city that I love so much. Going to your site truly transports me in New York, which is a blessing, because I won't be able to go back there before next year. BRAVO!

Tue May 11 22:24:03 2004

Wed May 12 16:57:42 2004
Great site! Your pictures and sound effects catch the atmosphere of the city very well! :)

Wed May 12 20:42:26 2004
Ahoj Markéto, opravdu úžasné stránky, moje kámoška je v USA a já si alespoň pravidelně najdu tvoje stránky a mám pocit, jako bych tam zrovna byl, fakt mooooooooc pěkný Jarda

Fri May 14 23:25:23 2004
I just discovered this site and I have to say that it is amazing! I was a visitor to New York City last year and when I see every picture of this site, I can remember the most wonderful trip of my life...

Tue May 18 22:25:50 2004
I loved it. Just was in NYC for the first time last weekend

Wed May 19 12:04:06 2004
ur site sucks...try updating it commie!

Thu May 20 14:58:24 2004
I liked it, but I would like to visit the zoo.

Fri May 21 22:16:07 2004
I think this site is great. Being from San Antonio, Texas I don't get to New York. I've always wanted to see what it looked like and TV doesn't do it much justification. I was so intrigued I couldn't stop looking at all of the places I could go. Great job putting this together. I wish you could see San Antonio like I saw New York. Thanks!!!!!!!!!! J. Prasek San Antonio, Texas

Sat May 22 18:11:10 2004
lose the red writing. Can't see a damn thing you have to say for your website.

Tue May 25 14:41:12 2004
Nice. Really cool :)

Wed May 26 16:37:20 2004
This place sucks

Thu May 27 11:32:37 2004
I was looking for a city map because I will be in summertime in NY and I have found your site. I like it very much. Alvaro (Spain)

Thu May 27 21:38:38 2004
Ciao Marketa---muy bello; considero que sería interesante que incluyera un poco más de música--pero música de concierto (es decir, clásica, contemporánea (no jazz)) y también que introdujeras fotos de los cielos cambiantes de NY...pero en general CHESCHT!!!! fELICIDADES

Mon May 31 17:44:25 2004
u are good!!! I am doing photography also.. if you want to share experience, please find my e-mail. thanx

Wed Jun 2 05:29:51 2004
Aj lajk. Aj lajk fery match, ju fany krejzy, ju ekspres vel. Ju nou de sikrit, ju dzast dont juzit tu itz ful potencl. Ju kip goynk gerl ! jor fen #tu.

Wed Jun 2 20:46:18 2004
Is very good idea is like relly go to new york I feel in New York again .

Thu Jun 3 00:42:45 2004
Cool site!

Wed Jun 9 14:45:15 2004
Thank you! What a pleasant experience. You caught some of the essence of the city.

Fri Jun 11 15:15:32 2004
seeing this city from france is one of the best thing for me, and all the noises we can hear participates to this strange feeling. If i close my eyes, i'm in, that's done, and i can feel the sensing breathe of all the mouvement, all that is around me here disappeard slowly, i'm outside, with the city, for ever...

Sun Jun 13 22:17:37 2004
yeah!... um... yeah.

Sun Jun 13 22:18:40 2004

Sun Jun 13 22:18:56 2004
i think that's o.k.

Sun Jun 13 22:19:40 2004
where do we find good speed in NYC????

Wed Jun 16 00:33:35 2004
The text has very poor legibility and the concept needs more work.

Thu Jun 17 21:22:31 2004

Fri Jun 18 12:16:41 2004
I love it !!

Fri Jun 18 18:44:49 2004
This is the coolest thing I have ever seen. i love it!!!

Sun Jun 20 02:09:05 2004
Great site!!!But I would like to see more views of Manhattan and pleace,where were WTC and some views of NYC streets!!!I LOVE THIS TOWN!!! MN*from Poland

Wed Jun 23 13:14:04 2004
nelson pereira

Fri Jun 25 07:27:27 2004
i think ur map is interesting. i always open it everytime i online. i think u should show some apartemen which new yorker lives there, and also the central park, cause actually i never see it. thanks

Fri Jun 25 07:57:00 2004
Velmi Dobze, y smutny. Prosim vas muy czeski ne moc dobze. came to the websight by accident and it brought back fond memories.mike

Tue Jun 29 10:10:07 2004
ako sa mas,co mas nove Marek,

Wed Jun 30 11:53:11 2004
I love your project. I have never been to New York and I'm always trying to get a taste of it through people's stories and pictures. It's nice to get an artistic view of this world. Thanks. -Lisa in California

Sat Jul 3 23:39:32 2004
very interesting, very artsy and dirrrrty. i enjoyed it. i am looking into visiting manhattan one day. it was like being there, with the photos and sounds. i am very into photography and the city life. thanks for entertaining me with your website. thanks, krisha

Sun Jul 11 19:07:53 2004
your art has gotten me very excited about my first trip to new york and encouraged me to get off the beaten path thank you rick mercer atlanta

Wed Jul 14 09:30:50 2004
I thought your art was great! I will be visiting New York in a couple of weeks and found myself looking through your site with a paper map in one hand and the mouse in the other. Thanks for the tour! Kerry,

Sat Jul 17 17:26:31 2004
we wanna go to NYC for the first time on october. thanks to your site and your pictures we are more than excited for our leaving. bye cinzia elena from riccione (italy)

Mon Jul 26 19:51:20 2004
I didn't have the chance to see all of the NYC map, but I liked what I've seen so far. You definitely bring the essence and culture of NYC in your photos. D. Howard, Buffalo, NY

Mon Jul 26 19:51:41 2004
I didn't have the chance to see all of the NYC map, but I liked what I've seen so far. You definitely bring the essence and culture of NYC out in your photos. D. Howard, Buffalo, NY

Thu Jul 29 22:14:38 2004
Hello, I dream to go to NY, and I was looking for something which could help me to feel what it's really look like...I think I have found it now...Thank you very very much for this wonderful site.

Mon Aug 2 06:10:07 2004
I loved it. I just happend across it through google (it was on the first page) and decided to check it out.

Mon Aug 9 03:57:14 2004
I thought the tour was very insightful. Thank you. J. Stubbs

Mon Aug 9 22:28:31 2004
Marketa, you did a pretty good job! Its long time ago I payed a visit to NY. Pondering your site I really got the feeling to come back soon. Cheers Tim

Wed Aug 11 04:27:12 2004
Just want to say that, as a New Yorker, I think you've got a great idea here. It's a very unique way of exploring a city that you can never really know well enough. It'd be interesting if you add Brooklyn and other areas to the site. Keep up the good work!

Wed Aug 11 14:32:01 2004
fuck off

Thu Aug 12 15:25:11 2004
It's quite brilliant, isn't it? I will see a similar view on Nov 7th when I run the NYC marathon. I'll look for something for you, if you like.

Mon Aug 16 05:32:57 2004
I really enjoyed this site. Congratulations on a great idea. How it would be if most of the cities in the world have websites like this? I dream of flying to New York some day, thanks for gettin me closer to that dream. Saludos desde Santiago de Chile. P.S: if anyone from New York wants me to visit him/her: XD :)

Wed Aug 18 00:54:13 2004
intensly cool, soooo new york, if anyone ever wanted to see the city and they hadn't been there i would say this was a perfect primer

Sun Aug 22 01:23:21 2004
Very creative! Absolutely Fabulous!!!! I haven't visited New York yet, but I felt like I was there when I went through your site.

Sun Aug 22 12:04:48 2004
Hey, I really enjoy your website, i ve spent 6 month in new york a year ago and remind me the wonderfull atmosphere of new york ... you should do the same in other citie like this you give feeling of traveling :) !! take care via

Mon Aug 23 02:11:44 2004
Its da best place in da WORLD

Tue Aug 24 21:05:28 2004
Very interesting and usefull. And coming in 2 days to NYC and its been like a first view!!!!!Life a brief look outside the window...

Wed Aug 25 14:47:51 2004
its wonderfull nefdek?

Wed Aug 25 14:59:57 2004
You're the best !!! I love your pictures : you're an artist !!! Clara

Mon Aug 30 02:07:26 2004
Excellent site

Mon Aug 30 14:28:59 2004
vieze gore flikkers

Mon Aug 30 14:29:07 2004
lijpe gozers

Sat Sep 4 01:24:48 2004
Fun! Please go on.

Sun Sep 5 14:53:35 2004

Wed Sep 8 04:41:15 2004
The web page is hard to see? You should change the font color or the background, they do not go togather.

Sat Sep 11 00:48:55 2004
i really love this website, amazing!!! thank you very much nicola

Thu Sep 16 08:26:24 2004
This is so cool site that I never seen before .My name is jun , I used to live in N.Y. before but I am living in Japan. Sometime I miss New York so hard and this is exactly what I want . If this site have street music from subway or ground will be perfect for me . Thankyou please keep doing it .

Tue Sep 28 16:40:26 2004
That's wright, It's an artistic site! Alexandre COLIN from France.

Thu Sep 30 17:02:42 2004

Wed Oct 6 12:20:21 2004
Cool site! I liked that you recorded the sound that goes with the picture

Wed Oct 6 21:56:19 2004
hudson river

Thu Oct 7 01:58:10 2004
i find it very depressive.I do not want to come in New York now

Tue Oct 12 03:59:30 2004
nice site.. i like.. hi mike.. Try kite.. My bike..

Wed Oct 13 11:49:40 2004

Thu Oct 14 02:59:06 2004
congratulations, i'm from Portugal, just across the ocean, hehehe, and for now it was the only way to i get a small trip to NYC. thanks for the site

Wed Oct 20 03:21:03 2004
This was an interesting site, exploring the hidden side of New York instead of just the streets would have been more exciting but an overall satisfying experience

Wed Oct 20 03:23:08 2004
Weird but good .... i didn't like it in the begining then found myself addicted as i have just spent an hour looking through it

Sat Oct 23 17:39:07 2004

Wed Oct 27 23:58:08 2004
amazing... i love your art... i wanna be here, so soon, i hope... Venezuela

Thu Oct 28 14:11:07 2004
I was trying to find the real map but I´m happy I found this. Great Execution. Have you thought of adding videomaterial, interviews, opinions, maybe start a live chat among the people that happened to stroll into virtual NY? Rgrds Ilkka Ponkanen, Helsinki, Finland. e-mail:

Mon Nov 1 16:50:00 2004
Is where they drop the ball at new years Considered Midtown west or east

Mon Nov 1 21:56:45 2004
ČAUES Kam jsem se to dostal ? OZZY

Mon Nov 1 22:03:59 2004
ČÁGO Kam jsem to zabloudil ? OZZY

Mon Nov 1 22:04:01 2004
ČÁGO Kam jsem to zabloudil ? OZZY

Mon Nov 1 22:04:01 2004
ČÁGO Kam jsem to zabloudil ? OZZY

Thu Nov 4 10:46:27 2004
maybe update one of the pages??

Sun Nov 28 23:44:56 2004
I think your website is very unique. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Thu Dec 2 01:40:54 2004
i just happend upon this site. it's soo cool. that's such a unique idea!

Fri Dec 3 02:19:13 2004
NEW YORK CITY E? LA MIA CITTA? New York č la mia cittŕ.La cittŕ da dove vengo io.: nessun luogo. La zona x. L?anno zero.Lo strato zero. L?abisso e l?apice e tutti gli strati nel mezzo. L?illusione e la realizzazione fisica dell?illusione. L?anima di tutti quelli che sonno morti e vivi e che nasceranno č giŕ segnata sulle sue strade ortogonali con un segno sottile di gesso. Io non sono nessuno, io sono qualsiasi cosa a New York. Che io sia o no la cittŕ vŕ avanti lo stesso, ma nessuno puň togliermi dalla testa che se io stanotte volessi cambiare qualcosa nella notte di questa cittŕ lo potrei fare, e questa notte potrebbe cambiare le cose. Una mela in cui i poteri diversi della notte e del giorno mi suonano equivalenti per la prima volta. Io sono qui, con tutto e il niente che ho da offrire.Da soffrire. Niente. I soldi non sembra abbiano poi tutta questa importanza. Servono per essere scambiati in continuazione con qualcos?altro di piů concreto,di piů sensato. Mangiare, berequalcosa in quel momento con quel qualcuno. Il capitalismo te lo sparano talmente in faccia che la pubblicitŕ non ti fa piů nessun effetto. Ogni minuto che vivi č pubblicitŕ. Pubblico per te..Tu cammini sola e sei di tutti ma come diceva Mafalda sei anche e solo tua. Nessuna spiegazione o giustificazione da dare al perché sei proprio cosě come sei, e neanche leggermente diversa da cosě. Io sono di lě. Non so? quando sono nata di preciso. Trenta anni fa piů per su che per giů. Lě ho imparato a non avere paura di quello che č molto piů grande, piů veloce, piů numeroso,piů rumoroso, piů colorato o piů protagonista di me. Lě ho potuto anche riscontrare quanto ogni fenomeno acquisisca una sfumatura diversa se io ci sono o no. Leggermente diversa. Io posso. Io lě poterei. Ale 2dicembre2004 It?s all sincerely italian language. Please traslate it! NEW YORK CITY E? LA MIA CITTA? New York č la mia cittŕ.La cittŕ da dove vengo io.: nessun luogo. La zona x. L?anno zero.Lo strato zero. L?abisso e l?apice e tutti gli strati nel mezzo. L?illusione e la realizzazione fisica dell?illusione. L?anima di tutti quelli che sonno morti e vivi e che nasceranno č giŕ segnata sulle sue strade ortogonali con un segno sottile di gesso. Io non sono nessuno, io sono qualsiasi cosa a New York. Che io sia o no la cittŕ vŕ avanti lo stesso, ma nessuno puň togliermi dalla testa che se io stanotte volessi cambiare qualcosa nella notte di questa cittŕ lo potrei fare, e questa notte potrebbe cambiare le cose. Una mela in cui i poteri diversi della notte e del giorno mi suonano equivalenti per la prima volta. Io sono qui, con tutto e il niente che ho da offrire.Da soffrire. Niente. I soldi non sembra abbiano poi tutta questa importanza. Servono per essere scambiati in continuazione con qualcos?altro di piů concreto,di piů sensato. Mangiare, berequalcosa in quel momento con quel qualcuno. Il capitalismo te lo sparano talmente in faccia che la pubblicitŕ non ti fa piů nessun effetto. Ogni minuto che vivi č pubblicitŕ. Pubblico per te..Tu cammini sola e sei di tutti ma come diceva Mafalda sei anche e solo tua. Nessuna spiegazione o giustificazione da dare al perché sei proprio cosě come sei, e neanche leggermente diversa da cosě. Io sono di lě. Non so? quando sono nata di preciso. Trenta anni fa piů per su che per giů. Lě ho imparato a non avere paura di quello che č molto piů grande, piů veloce, piů numeroso,piů rumoroso, piů colorato o piů protagonista di me. Lě ho potuto anche riscontrare quanto ogni fenomeno acquisisca una sfumatura diversa se io ci sono o no. Leggermente diversa. Io posso. Io lě poterei. Ale 2dicembre2004 It?s all sincerely italian language. Please traslate it!

Wed Dec 8 10:27:44 2004
Absolutely fun site! Could be a bit mor edynamic though- instead of aesthetic images, moving interactive "visuals"....

Fri Dec 10 21:28:17 2004
I think you're a beatiful woman who has a very unique way of thinking. I have never been to NYC, but plan to visit for the first time this new years. Found your nycmap site very interesting, it has provided a visual of the things i will encounter on my upcoming trip. Keep up the great work. Cio Carińo Lou

Wed Dec 15 19:54:45 2004
please PLEASE forgive the imbeciles who complained of not finding a tourist map. or how they 'dont get the point'. marketa- thank you for your talent and genius. your site has only inspired me in my own creative endeavors and in every one i had recommended this to. you're a foreigner who has managed to capture the essence of the City better than most new yorkers i'm surrounded by. welcome to nyc. (suggestion? the text color paired with most of the backgound doesn't promote readability...and a little interactive diagram mapping pinpointing the path one has taken throughout the city might be a nice little addition...) Rock on.

Wed Dec 15 23:42:31 2004
it was cool, but where was little italy? i.e. DIPALO'S

Sun Dec 19 02:25:56 2004
I think it the whole thing is great!! New york as I have never seen it.. (although I have only seen it once before!!).

Sun Dec 19 19:40:23 2004
would you like to send us a plant? more details on the InternetGarten: best wishes wilhelm gockner

Tue Dec 21 03:39:55 2004
It = the end of the search for eternal happiness...isnt that why everyone is living? well if you dont think so ill just tell you...the Lord is It. He is the answer to all of your questions. he'll be your friend, counselor, daddy, lover, comforter, or whatever you want him to be. He is it

Tue Dec 21 17:46:19 2004

Thu Dec 23 21:06:29 2004
more native people would be nice

Sun Dec 26 04:57:20 2004
I am well impressed. Only been to New York once before, one day in rain. This gave me a great sense of the city, and made me want to go and check out the real thing even sooner. Thanks a lot Anna (Denmark)

Sun Dec 26 17:46:55 2004
hello, I have so enjoyed taking a trip in NYC through your site. Being from Holland I have not (yet) seen New York, but I plan to someday. Your virtual tour is really a wonderful impression, so up close and personal. Thank you. Maryan, Holland

Mon Dec 27 15:22:06 2004
brilliant but confusing...thats how NY is. I suppose

Fri Dec 31 19:20:47 2004
I LOVE your map! I absolutely LOVE it! I am a New Yorker lost in Los Angeles now and your map is ALL that I've ever hoped for when searching the web for a MAP of New York City! Please keep it going! A fellow artist in LA - Carla Jo

Sun Jan 2 20:14:58 2005
No a co?

Tue Jan 11 21:16:13 2005
i just would like to say thanks this is great and keep doing what you are doing

Wed Jan 12 09:20:13 2005
there should of been moving pictures at every stop, I found mysepf looking for the moving pictures so I could shake my mouse and make them dance

Thu Jan 13 00:26:11 2005
I enjoyed your artist map a lot!!!!! I´m going to visit NY the two next weeks for dance workshops (17th til 29th january) and of course to "meet" this exciting city. I found your web and my curiosity is growing up more. I like your notes about people you find in the street, subway ... a different point of view in small thins, details ... Cheer and go on ... Elena

Sat Jan 15 22:16:37 2005
hi Marketa i love it frity dk

Tue Jan 18 14:35:40 2005

Tue Jan 18 14:35:47 2005

Wed Jan 19 06:57:30 2005
awesome site. very interesting. made me consider a career in photography for a second. but my heart is still set on film. i think im going to go to nyfa though. jasmine roper, 14 Saskatoon, Canada

Fri Jan 21 14:04:20 2005
Hi just checkin out this fab site wats every one upto ne way luv ya jayd xmwahx

Sat Jan 22 04:54:14 2005
cool man

Sat Jan 22 16:50:51 2005
I'm from South Holland cityname; Breda........ Marketa ; it's pure excitement to be in New York by your site .... to feel the atmosphere be in your Art is a great experience........thank you ..... Breda Annemarie Uytendaal

Mon Jan 24 22:52:19 2005
awesome and magnificent and scary. There seems to be a broad stretch of life covered

Wed Jan 26 13:48:23 2005
hi marketa, nice page. i'd a lot of fun on my way through the city. but i didn't meet woody allen ... :-) best regards from germany ute

Wed Feb 2 17:53:57 2005
You should really remove the information you have on your website about the world trade center. I am sure you know it no longer exist.

Thu Feb 3 23:42:49 2005
I think this is fucking shocking, learn to speak and type in ENGLISH so people can actually read what the fuck your typing and try making the text easier to see. For example. Red text on light backgrounds does NOT work....

Fri Feb 18 20:55:42 2005
It's ok but it's not art!! Art is something you hang on the wall!! KJC L EB class of 83

Sat Feb 19 02:09:17 2005

Sun Feb 20 19:20:33 2005

Mon Feb 21 00:39:16 2005
I think that this site is very interesting myself. I think a little confusing, I kept finding myself back in places I had already been, and some of the images weren't as clear. But overall it's a great idea, and I think you deffiently have something here. Have a great day, and best of luck. Take care, Molly Nicks

Mon Feb 21 10:51:02 2005
Excellent!!!! Thank you! I wihed to be there again and again! Uta

Fri Mar 4 01:25:28 2005

Fri Mar 4 03:23:35 2005
This is a very interesting project Marketa.The possibilities of where you can take this are infinite. I am about to embark on my first expedition to New York. I'm intrigued with the fascination so many people like yourself have with the place. There is something about a city with a soul. I am an Australian and live in our largest city here, Sydney. While its a fantastic place to live, great climate, safe and friendly, I seem to always bump into somebody i know, no matter where i am. Its almost like a country town of sorts. I have friends that make regualr soirees to New York purely to explore and unlock another one of its little idiosyncracies. This is my first, but no doubt not my last. I will be searching thoroughly for the strange goings on and little known intracacies while i'm there. If i find any, I will surely pass them on. I will also be sending links to this site to some of my friends. Good luck with this project. Andrew Kirk.

Tue Mar 8 05:46:58 2005
I've been looking at this for about 20 mins now and I just can't stop myself from entering another page even though I was supposed to leave for work 15 mins ago. Awesome. Rachael

Sun Mar 13 23:14:14 2005

Mon Mar 14 07:57:39 2005
useless; pretentious; architectonic

Wed Mar 16 05:58:50 2005
GREAT JOB!! you have captured what NYC means to me. this sight is just fabulous! thank you!!

Sun Mar 20 07:23:39 2005
My name is Scott Wilson, I am a forty one year old college freshman who was assigned to view your website as part of a digital arts assignment. I have never been to New York, but thought it was really neat how I could look at everyday pictures of sites and people that you saw and by also hearing the sounds you heard, felt as if I recognized them myself. The only thing you could have added was smell to make it totally realistic. Maybe by showing a picture (Moving Picture) of some food or object and giving a detailed description, were the viewer feels he/she can actually smell it. Sounds crazy, but I really enjoyed your Map. Scott Wilson

Tue Mar 29 03:37:14 2005
This map is awesome. It gives me much joy. naw

Fri Apr 1 18:50:53 2005
AM a newyorker. your pictures are great,but your locations are a bit off

Fri Apr 1 21:14:05 2005
what,s up with you boo hallo back

Fri Apr 8 05:44:28 2005
Well ....very Nice. qk

Sun Apr 10 07:57:36 2005
you fucking suck!!! art? this is retard bullshit that a middle school student would dream up for his computer class

Tue Apr 12 21:05:33 2005
I think that it is very sad of how the terrist attack happened from LaTasha Martin

Thu Apr 14 18:38:32 2005
I love it. Well thought out What year was this made?

Wed Apr 20 16:46:02 2005

Sat Apr 23 03:03:56 2005
This Site, Blows...

Tue May 3 06:08:26 2005
Hi, I'm from Japan. I've never been to NY but I've always wanted to. I really liked the pictures on this site and they made me want to go there even more! Thank you for the awesome pictures!:-)

Fri May 6 11:51:38 2005
heres an idea - change the color of the text on your page so i can understand the problem -email me when you finish

Fri May 6 11:51:47 2005

Mon May 9 21:09:26 2005
First off, your site sucks. You really got to do something about times3.html. I can't see the menu at all. Highlighting the text helps but still is a pain. You really need to spruce that up some.

Wed May 11 21:19:27 2005
I really enjoyed this. THere was a lot of ground covered. I would like to see more of the city and the hotspots in New York. Thank you Janelle

Thu May 12 19:27:14 2005
Hello! I am Betti, and I'm from Hungary. I don't speak in english very well, because this site is superb! The text isn't complicated, and the pictures are good! Thanks!

Thu May 12 19:36:00 2005
sorry,sorry..but this site is superb (not because)

Thu May 12 21:49:56 2005
Hi Exellent site. I am in Glasgow and visit Ny very regularly. It is my favoutite place on the planet and my wife and i love looking online at wecambs and sites about NY. When there we stay in an apartment downtown and would love to see Washington Square park on your site. We go there next month and spend many a nice afternoon just sitting there . Again thank you for your lovely site and am so glad i discovered it. Your sincerly Paul tomlinson

Fri May 13 05:34:35 2005
I found this site once before, and I've found it again. I am in love with NYC. I could live there forever. And for doing this I could also fall in love with you. My only suggestion would be seasonal...some snow...if yu know what I'm getting at. Feel free to drop a note to me: - the name is Phil

Sat May 14 04:11:51 2005
105 West 125th St

Mon May 23 12:40:18 2005
fantastic ! i just went to nyc from england for the ist time and you ve really captured the feel of the place. penny miller

Wed May 25 08:47:15 2005
I had the pleasure of visiting NYC about 15 years ago and found your site to be an excellant reminder of the many sights and sounds that the city is known. The 'dark' places of the subway gave me an uneasiness, as the street scenes gave me a feeling of excitement. Rhonda (Mississippi)

Thu May 26 00:08:10 2005
i think it's a great site--- it's got real sounds, and a real feel to what the pictures depict. thanks for taking the time to create this.

Wed Jun 1 17:05:04 2005
Hi I am going to New york City this summer. I was trying to find a map that I could use so I could get around the city and go see some place. I will be staying at the Ramada New yorker on eigth ave @ 34 street. If you could let me know where I could look for this at I would appreciate it. I am not going there until August. Thanks Angela my email is

Thu Jun 2 11:02:31 2005

Fri Jun 3 15:21:10 2005
i casually found your site on the web. very nice job: clever and nice. my best compliments. danilo from italy. ciao.

Tue Jun 14 09:27:33 2005
Thank you. I haven't been to NYC in several years but your images brought it all back to my memory. The lights, the endless people , and the images of the aging ugly subway system. THe only thing missing from your photos is the unforgettable smell and heat of NYC. I'd like to see more pics if you have them of the Trade center before it collapsed. Personally, I don't need to visit NY again ; the memory of it is very fresh even though I haven't been there in a while. It is just such a powerful sensation! However I feel that it is too chaotic and dirty for me. Thank you so much for your images, do take more!

Tue Jun 14 09:27:43 2005
Thank you

Sat Jun 25 07:10:10 2005

Sun Jun 26 00:43:06 2005
IT is new york.

Mon Jun 27 14:52:55 2005
This is simply........insipid!

Thu Jul 14 21:54:52 2005
What a fantastic website. I was looking for a real map and this is waaaay better.

Tue Jul 19 17:22:59 2005
travelling to ny... i can provide you with the view of an alien (or your sister)

Sat Jul 23 20:39:51 2005
what an interesting site greetings from the U.K

Mon Aug 1 19:39:33 2005
it's special but interesting. I'm french and my biggest dream is to go to New York and why not live in New York !

Tue Aug 2 01:22:19 2005

Tue Aug 2 03:36:05 2005
where is harlem on the map???

Wed Aug 3 00:50:39 2005
from this page: The first line you have is, "So, how is going?"

Tue Aug 9 13:28:40 2005
sorry I have tried to find central park on the map but I was not succesfull Your idea is nice, why not construct a map about all the parks in N.Y.?

Thu Aug 11 16:38:20 2005
Markéto klobouk dolů ! Je to strasne zajimavy a dobry napad.

Thu Aug 11 21:47:09 2005
Vraiment formidable ! Bravo !

Fri Aug 12 08:50:04 2005
Ce site est une reussite, une ballade originale dans NYC avec le son, j'adore. Olivier

Sun Aug 14 05:52:42 2005
very real, idea different people of different cultures having breakfast in their authentic restaurant just after sun up- a new day

Mon Aug 22 17:17:13 2005
hi hard to read in red on a blue ground but very good idea, i miss the dakota building. I was in NYC 2 times and i love this city. the dakota impresses me very much. Hopefully i come again. barbara germany

Wed Aug 24 19:21:32 2005
taten island

Thu Aug 25 18:21:05 2005
very cool website. --also, i see your czech. Milan Kundera, great author. and i recently visited Brno. nice place. -Michael

Sat Aug 27 14:33:09 2005
Hi, change pictures with WTC. Thanks Alex from Poland

Sat Aug 27 19:18:59 2005
Marketa, I enjoyed your city map. My Daughter Danielle, age 14, is a Junior Artist. He website is . Do you help others create a site simular to this for their city? How did you get started? What a wonderful idea. Did you take the pictures yourself?

Sun Aug 28 23:33:35 2005
Perfektni, libi se nam, koukame se na to pod Alpami, je tepla srpnova noc. Gratulujeme k detatku. Ivan+Lenka

Mon Aug 29 09:49:53 2005
the world trade center is still included - is that a mistake

Wed Aug 31 02:25:06 2005
5th Avenue

Wed Aug 31 02:25:24 2005

Sat Sep 3 05:58:41 2005
totally interesting but.. i couldn't get uptown

Wed Sep 7 15:46:29 2005
These photos are amazing. Thanks

Thu Sep 8 15:47:57 2005
Red is the worst possible color to use, I can't read the headings or anything on some of the pages.

Sun Sep 11 20:27:48 2005
fucking shit!!!!!

Wed Sep 14 12:25:37 2005
your english sucks

Thu Sep 29 00:09:31 2005

Thu Sep 29 00:19:17 2005
great! This is real art!

Sun Oct 2 05:00:06 2005
BEST website I have ever visited. Absolutely love it. Can't wait to use it with my AP English students. One suggestion is to check the font colors. Sometimes it is very difficult to read the text because of the background color(s).

Thu Oct 6 20:07:53 2005
Time flies, times change... a bit more fluid would be nice! Technology does not sleep- neither does NYC!!!

Sat Oct 8 06:59:19 2005

Sat Oct 8 23:37:07 2005

Sun Oct 9 19:39:59 2005
Your site is very interesting and extremely creative. I can detect a bit of the person behind the images, and am quite intrigued. What are you really like? Sincerely, James E New York

Mon Oct 17 03:47:06 2005
pretty cool!

Wed Oct 19 03:42:43 2005
its okay, but needs more sounds from the city

Sat Oct 22 22:03:51 2005
hi my name is Stan i live in London but my girl Cheryl is from New York i love to see all that

Sun Oct 23 04:34:10 2005
That's an awesome site! I've never been to NYC, but I felt like I was actually there. Great Job!

Mon Oct 24 17:00:05 2005
I found it to be a little difficult navigating through the site, but it was very interesting the way it was set up. After a few tries of trying to navigate through it, I figured it out, and enjoyed your site very much.

Tue Nov 1 04:47:52 2005

Tue Nov 1 04:47:52 2005

Tue Nov 1 18:47:11 2005
i think you are crazy. I am so confused. the pictures were realy weird and they moved, what was with that? I liked the idea but try to make it easier to use for people like me. Thanks

Sun Nov 6 02:47:11 2005
what kind of camera do you use?

Mon Nov 7 19:13:41 2005
useless pretentious ugly

Thu Nov 10 19:03:09 2005

Sat Nov 19 17:15:33 2005
I like your site. its very artistic ad helpful!!! You take very goog pics.

Tue Nov 22 22:11:59 2005
I really like I am in Texas now and it makes me feel at home.

Thu Nov 24 00:09:29 2005
Franklin street is missing

Mon Nov 28 02:54:31 2005
dam this is grate thank u thank u thank u make more for diff states to

Sat Dec 3 05:37:45 2005
what a waist of time.

Fri Dec 9 11:51:55 2005
great site

Mon Dec 12 00:15:39 2005
i live in new orleans .... i can feel it but havent found it either

Wed Dec 14 16:47:45 2005
Beautiful work!

Thu Dec 15 15:37:41 2005

Thu Dec 22 01:52:16 2005
tribough brg ny

Thu Dec 22 01:52:19 2005
tribough brg ny

Sat Dec 24 12:23:24 2005
Sehr beeindruckende Information und Darstellung. Fritz Engelhardt, Mountain Landscape Art

Wed Dec 28 17:31:29 2005
Hello, For quite some time, we have had your site on our New York Links page, and we would appreciate a mention on your site. Please let me know if you are confortable with this. Thanks in advance for your help. Kind regards, Steve Georghakis (917) 751-8094

Fri Dec 30 14:01:15 2005
Thank you for you site,it reminds me good moments I spent in NYC 7 years ago. It didn't change that much! Just add others pictures. I remember: near the Port Authority, in the same street, you could see a fitness club on the 1st floor of a buiding and a Burger King just above, on the 2nd floor. This is what US are all about. Maybe it's too caricatural!. Still there. Is there a bank instead ??

Fri Jan 6 06:14:47 2006
gym around northen blv

Sat Jan 7 16:06:27 2006
Coloquem no ar esta página em portuguęs.

Fri Jan 13 23:20:29 2006

Sat Jan 14 22:33:57 2006
Cool....never been to New York....I live in Stockholm Sweden

Mon Jan 16 00:21:19 2006
i was looking for a map of NYC and found this great site. i rike it a rot. =/ flatsilver

Tue Jan 24 23:44:39 2006
I happened upon this by accident and I love it! Do you have any other current or past projects to review? Cynthia Sperberg

Fri Jan 27 02:31:59 2006
Ive been to NY and found this site rally amazing and the fun I had travelling around your map.

Fri Jan 27 21:43:08 2006

Tue Jan 31 14:37:25 2006
After seven years always a great site!!! Every city should have such an individual view, or some more! PNL/Hamburg/Germany

Wed Feb 1 20:27:06 2006
New York is very dirty, but photos are very interesting. If U have more stuff like this, please send me an e-mail Greetings from Poland!

Mon Feb 6 00:42:47 2006
this site is stupid and nonsense!!

Mon Feb 6 17:33:41 2006
randall's island park

Tue Feb 7 21:48:29 2006
Dear Marketa, it seems that you are a VERY sensitive human being! Throughout your artwork is possible feel that you are able to reach the core of things and people that most people are not. You give to the city a most humane face which is a really important thing! I am pretty touched by you work and nature. You are really beautiful not only outside but also inside. I hope you can be happy wherever life takes you, have great moments with great people around you, and never feel lonely in ideas or feelings! All the best to you! Your new admirer, Simone Bittencourt Shauy

Thu Feb 9 08:49:49 2006
very cool keep it up -kado

Sun Feb 12 00:42:31 2006
Luv's it! I guess the Lord must be in New York City.

Sun Feb 12 15:23:47 2006
good stuff. what are you up to these days? i've skimmed over your other pages, and love them too, even though (or maybe because?) they're confusing. good luck, greetings from london,

Sun Feb 19 04:21:01 2006

Sun Feb 19 17:53:32 2006
milá markéto, pěkné a inspirativní a velký ohlas blahopřeji. Magda

Tue Feb 21 21:21:39 2006
it was a nice point of view and pictures.In april, it will be the first time for me and my wife in New York.And i really would like to feel the this famous city.Not just see the turistic points.thanks, Brasil.

Tue Feb 28 17:23:20 2006
I couldn't get to all the places I love in New York but thank-you for the visit my favorite city in the world. I will visit often now that I have found it.

Fri Mar 3 14:58:56 2006
thats good

Tue Mar 7 20:06:50 2006
I just went to new york and i got much better pictures than need to get better pictures!!!!!!!!! other than that......keep up the good work!

Wed Mar 15 01:57:15 2006
I am going to NY for the first time next month from Maryland, Im not sure if I should be afraid or inspired. If you find a free minute, let me know. My name is Carmen Louise

Fri Mar 17 16:19:10 2006
twin towers..maby a update needed here

Thu Mar 30 12:59:41 2006

Thu Mar 30 20:28:48 2006
Why Have the twin towers? Is this Map that out of date?

Fri Mar 31 16:29:59 2006
you suck

Wed Apr 5 04:30:48 2006
maybe the lettering on the web should be in white. its extremely difficult to see the red ink thru the graffiti in the back

Sat Apr 8 03:29:29 2006
15e,40th st,#402 ny 10016

Tue Apr 11 03:20:19 2006
Ahoj Markéto, ocitla jsem se tu náhodou. Vlastně a? tak né. New York miluju a koukám na něj přes webcam. Alespoň. Je to můj sen. Doufám, ?e si ho splním a budu se někdy procházet tvýma ulicema a ucítím tu atmosféru a zvuky, které jsi na tuto stránku dostala. Díky. Gábina z Prahy.

Thu Apr 20 15:11:03 2006
think you should skip that and go straight to the maps ....

Tue Apr 25 09:16:40 2006

Fri May 5 21:52:05 2006
multiportelectual viewfinders are good idea .. i think

Sat May 6 20:23:32 2006

Sat May 6 21:26:49 2006
Dear Marketa, This is the second time I visit NYCMap. It's been two years since the last time. I'm still amazed of the things to see and hear. Still haven't seen all of it yet! I've visited New York for three times now in 'real life' and wil be back next november. Lots of things on your site seem familiar to me. Hope you will add more visuals and audio to this fantastic tour... Hugs! Chris

Mon Jun 5 19:34:47 2006
it suks

Fri Jun 9 05:31:04 2006
1114 Ave of America New York NY10036

Thu Jun 22 02:44:29 2006
77 market street

Thu Jun 22 02:46:39 2006
I think I need a map just like the dof .

Thu Jun 22 02:47:17 2006
What's this ?

Thu Jun 22 18:30:43 2006

Sat Jun 24 06:43:49 2006
great job on the visual cocept and the sound

Mon Jun 26 08:44:58 2006
what the... this is cool, I do injoy just walking around new york not really knowing what I might find, not looking for any place, just walking.

Fri Jul 7 11:07:58 2006
Very interesting. congratulations drop me an e-mail at happy to exchange some ideas

Fri Jul 7 13:44:02 2006
Hello! I just like to ask a favor. Can you tell me if this is a legitimate address and contact number: 3671 Old Yorktown Road Shrub Oak, New York 10588, USA Telefax (800) 962-6000 Can you get back to me ASAP. Thank you very much. My email address is Respectfully yours, Sharon Mercolita

Thu Jul 27 05:26:00 2006
harlem and hamilton heights

Thu Jul 27 05:41:07 2006
this is strange but interesting

Mon Aug 7 20:57:38 2006
The site is truly amazing and surreal. It is like actually being present in the beautiful and wonderful city. I am going there in a few weeks and was wondering whether you know of any top nite clubs to check out. If you could send me the adresses of some top nite life venues, I would be very much grateful.

Thu Aug 10 00:22:16 2006
i loved it i wish i where there, i love photography. and have some exp. with the camara. i would like to see more pictures that perhaps are taken from up top viewing downward and the city it self maybe a little video of the city a ten or 20 min one briefing the city and its most visited attraction...a funny tour gied maybe??. email me @ i win a trip there??? lol j/k. love you guys.

Fri Aug 11 22:20:25 2006

Tue Aug 15 16:17:13 2006
i think this is bull shit - it did nto get me the informationm i wanted. and your ny city map takes an hour to load - you guys should wake up the world is really moving fast!!!

Wed Aug 16 02:38:02 2006
duane street

Wed Aug 16 02:40:59 2006
arrive in the empire state building

Wed Aug 16 07:00:53 2006
for an art site, very poor photographs,there is a little more to art then an over zealous amature equiped with a low budget digi cam. i was disappointed with a site that does heve so much potential. Concentrate more on the feeling, the moodyness of the city and less on taking photos whilst drunk.

Sun Aug 20 16:42:01 2006
This is really cool, keep on going, the only problem is that you don't have anything higher than 60th street. I love Harlem, and I think it would really add to your site, I have lived in East and West Harlem and I know some places that would really look cool on the site - cool grafiti walls etc.

Fri Sep 1 11:01:26 2006
wow I'a impressed! That site is great!

Tue Sep 5 08:54:55 2006
This intro thing here's kind of confusing,I might say. You keep klicking and you get nowhere.Could be more simplified,that is...--- I mean to get to the map...

Mon Sep 11 23:34:27 2006
new rochelle,10805

Tue Sep 12 01:55:27 2006
metropolitan opera

Wed Sep 13 00:12:53 2006

Wed Sep 13 00:14:47 2006
I feel like I was really there! what a fun experience! i have never been to NYC I would be great to have sounds throughout the whole experience - so it is more seamless. I am studying art at the university of calgary. i like your work. i am doing a presentation on it! Tanis Klein

Fri Oct 6 10:39:33 2006
i want to know how to drcie to Coney Irland

Sat Oct 7 00:00:06 2006
this sucks, i just want some maps

Fri Oct 20 18:51:38 2006
I enjoyed it, but I haven't seen it all so I don't know what else should be there. Is there a view from the top of the Empire State Building?

Tue Oct 31 20:03:57 2006
the red printing is a bad idea, very hard to read. i left the sight. nice photos.

Sun Nov 26 06:22:51 2006

Fri Dec 8 21:18:41 2006

Thu Dec 21 04:22:38 2006
very confusing. but very very interesting. a+

Sun Dec 24 00:34:53 2006
ahoj!strasne ma zaujima USA niektore staty a mesta by som rad navstivil,bolo by fantastycke vydiet nieco co som doteraz vydaval iba v telke.pracujem v taliansku,volam sa michal mam 32rokov.zatial som neurobil nic aby som si splnil sen.ale mozno raz sa prynutim.pekny den!som na pod menom miky74

Wed Jan 3 23:56:17 2007
i got such a brilliant tour!!

Tue Jan 9 22:53:39 2007
go ahead....

Sun Jan 14 13:10:24 2007
I love it. It´s a lot of fun to look around. Just feel a bit of New York City.

Sun Jan 14 23:55:20 2007

Wed Feb 7 22:16:06 2007
I think there should be more widely observed places, though it's gonna take you some extended time. Why ever stop creating?! The idea is super brilliant, as if I've really been into the pictures taken all around NYC. Doncha leave it as is, keep on tuning this car, guyz! One of the pages where I'm sure gonna come back anyway. Oleg Ivaniloff, Moscow.

Sun Mar 18 18:35:00 2007
104 Parkway Drive South Hauppauge, NY 11788

Mon Mar 19 18:03:48 2007
more brooklyn pleese

Mon Mar 19 18:04:49 2007
and maybe a bit more brooklyn too

Mon Mar 19 18:05:19 2007
and an extra amount of brooklyn would do no harm

Mon Mar 19 18:06:01 2007
i agree with brooklyn is the best please thanx

Mon Mar 19 18:11:18 2007
you should put some link to Firefox browser. IE sux.

Thu Mar 22 18:17:00 2007
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Mon Apr 2 03:38:52 2007
new york city add 376 hudson st

Fri Apr 13 22:25:36 2007
J'ai envie d'y ętre et tout de suite!

Tue Apr 24 18:31:18 2007
awesome. i can tell by your pictures you found it. it is kind of one of those things not seen, heard, or touched, but is the ambience and that you feel. good job.

Thu May 3 07:23:29 2007
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Thu May 3 07:25:44 2007
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Thu May 3 07:27:00 2007

Thu May 3 07:27:54 2007
Marpa new york

Thu May 3 08:33:55 2007

Sat May 5 11:41:17 2007
I have known about this site for years, and visit it often. I visit it when I am missing the big apple. Thank you for keeping it published to the net. To me the sounds are what make it so attractive, you can't beat the sounds of New York.

Fri May 11 02:04:34 2007
unbelievable! brillian :) i am so happy to have stumbled upon this.... brightened my day (although it was already very bright because i will be visiting this devilishly fun city tomorrow ;)

Sat May 12 17:12:14 2007
6 Edgecombe Avenue

Thu May 17 10:12:33 2007
washington hieghts

Thu Jun 7 15:56:19 2007
I was looking for that pizza place at W 1001st and Broadway. Oh well. I really did like the map, though - your photos; the feel of them- especially the solitary ones. Buildings, partial shots of people, the interactives. I enjoyed the trip, even though I had to backtrack out of the Spring St station. Thanks for the tour. Loki

Thu Jun 7 18:07:48 2007

Thu Jun 7 18:07:49 2007

Wed Jun 27 17:54:18 2007
fantastic experience!!!I really felt like coming back from nyc!!! why not some short movies implementing, besides pictures, text and sound!! E. g. on a train in the subway, or just how you come out of the subway to the street, or when people pass through you on the street, you would have even stronger impressions of that moment, I hardly recommend to keep up the great work and expanse your great tour of nyc!! amo.tarzi

Fri Jun 29 17:07:01 2007
great map ! different, interesting, fantastic

Tue Jul 3 01:23:06 2007
Very nice. I like that kind of art.

Sat Jul 7 15:24:49 2007
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Mon Jul 23 14:57:50 2007

Tue Jul 24 10:01:49 2007
to je perfektny napad ! Blahozelam, Marketko !!! Oto

Sat Jul 28 22:15:30 2007
ajejej dobra je ta tvoja mapa. Vies co mi tam trochu chyba asi? newyorske zeny. hm? katarina

Wed Aug 8 17:54:35 2007
hey there ! I'm Selma and i'm in LOVE with this wonderful city of yours ! This site is just awesome ... You made my day with this ...The pictures are great - just like if we were hanging out in NYC ... loves it ! loves it ! loves it ! Thanks again !! here is my email address : Greetings from Paris ...

Fri Aug 24 17:12:06 2007
Update the page on the World Trade no longer exists if you haven't noticed.

Thu Aug 30 15:30:28 2007
Hy. I'm a reporter from Roamnia and i'll be in NY starting with september the 8th. Can you help me with information about NY? my adress

Sat Sep 1 21:55:35 2007
on every page it prompts for JVM download that was the biggest drawback i found

Sun Sep 2 06:30:30 2007
the sensory experience! I love this map.

Sat Oct 13 05:35:56 2007
thanks for letting me experience new york ive never been but plan to move there soon...if felt right, thanks

Thu Nov 15 13:15:32 2007
veri nice

Mon Nov 26 22:23:23 2007
midtown 24 th .street

Mon Dec 3 19:44:17 2007
it sucks

Sun Dec 9 12:34:04 2007

Sun Dec 9 17:17:20 2007
1 west 3rd street (between broadway& mercer) newyork,ny 10012

Mon Dec 17 19:45:48 2007

Wed Dec 19 14:03:09 2007
carrot street

Sun Jan 6 11:55:21 2008
thank you very much for all the enchanted experiences through your photos. i long to live in nyc and hope to make it there sometime in near future. merci, k remi

Tue Jan 15 14:49:34 2008
I went new york map

Mon Jan 21 00:14:39 2008

Sat Jan 26 21:06:51 2008

Sun Jan 27 09:35:31 2008
this is a great idea! i ll be visiting new york in april this year. any resource where i can find out the 'must see' things to do? any other tips-site, etc? cheers. you could mail me on

Tue Jan 29 00:52:14 2008
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Fri Feb 1 20:49:44 2008
where's the link to Central Park?

Sat Feb 9 19:32:36 2008
for living in n.y.I'm fromm Puerto Rico

Thu Feb 21 22:48:55 2008
Good job! Marketa. Very creative and sharp. Good Luck! Melvin Crespo

Fri Feb 22 02:11:20 2008
It's very difficult to read the text on the images.

Sun Feb 24 10:11:30 2008

Mon Mar 10 06:19:48 2008
impossible to use.

Wed Mar 12 10:04:45 2008
pire 17

Sat Mar 29 17:00:56 2008
Weel done. I have had this site saved for many years and visit periodically. I am originally from NY and have relocated to Denver, CO. Only if I could smell through my computer. When I am homesick I use your site as virtual travel through my memories past. Keep up the great work and photography. chris

Tue Apr 8 05:17:00 2008
fifth avenue and rockefeler

Tue Apr 8 05:18:39 2008

Fri Apr 18 11:21:03 2008
Nice job, very interesting!

Fri Apr 25 05:20:47 2008

Mon Apr 28 22:29:06 2008
great work verry a littel more chocolatecakes than it will be a bliss love and peace susan

Tue May 6 17:49:58 2008

Sat May 10 04:33:39 2008

Thu May 15 03:44:15 2008
Awsomely cool !!!!

Sat May 17 02:01:10 2008
If I had never been to New York City, I don't think I would go after looking at your pictures. Manhattan is exciting and lively. Your photos show the dark side. Yes, I have seen some of these things, but remember the best. Sorry, I couldn't be more positive. Didn't look at all the photos, but enough to get an idea. I stayed around Central Park and toured as far as Wall Street many times. Side streets didn't seem very safe, especially at night. I loved New York and hope to return often.

Thu May 22 21:57:58 2008
i like it! lidija seler, artist, zagreb,croatia

Sun Jun 15 14:48:44 2008

Wed Jun 18 23:10:48 2008
Hi Marketa, I'm from Ohio, and just returned from NYC. I wanted to find out more about the city now that I'm home, when I found your site. There are "maps" everywhere. THIS site was so much more alive and sensual. You can not only hear and see images, but you really get a sense of how the city made you feel. My memories are much like this--a combination of realistic AND artistic impressions. My descriptions, for example, of Times Square are very different from the description my boyfriend gives when we talk to other people. We experienced things differently, though we were both there together, at the same time. It makes one question subjective and objective reality, especially in NYC, where there is such a flood of sights, sounds, smells, and ideas. I love your site and will return often to reminisce! Thank you! Jenell Spargos

Mon Jun 23 12:31:57 2008

Thu Jul 3 14:22:27 2008

Thu Jul 3 18:31:08 2008
Oh well I am here! What a relief! I was afraid I had lost my way here. Is there a piano around ? So I am going to play it! Bye. Palííííííííííííííííííík

Thu Jul 3 21:40:41 2008
Mogu vam rec, da su pokazivali u Njemackoj Televiziji, nove streets maps, dosad sam nasla samo vas, o kojem mogu reci, da je skoro savrsen, ali fali prava snimka, to bi vam bilo super! Pozdrav i samo dalje! Spoljaric@hotmail.d

Tue Aug 12 00:15:16 2008
21 Park Place

Wed Sep 3 16:01:03 2008
i don't get a fuck of it.

Wed Sep 10 19:06:58 2008
vietor avenue

Thu Sep 18 15:43:50 2008
The site is way to hard to see anything. and the maps... what are those????!!!, sound is distracting and i have to turn it down/off due to the sirens. Your site was on our Web Development class' "examples of bad web pages"

Wed Oct 1 13:49:16 2008

Wed Oct 15 17:55:29 2008

Tue Oct 21 04:13:35 2008
I found that the colours made it difficult to read the writing

Sun Oct 26 02:11:25 2008

Sun Nov 9 04:45:10 2008
I found it, See NY is about the people.It is not about the city no it is about the people, who live and work here.

Mon Nov 10 00:42:00 2008
wall street

Mon Dec 22 18:42:48 2008

Mon Dec 29 19:00:35 2008
Tak tohle vubec nechapu..

Sat Jan 31 17:28:13 2009

Tue Feb 17 23:13:36 2009
just love it : )

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Sat Mar 28 18:00:03 2009
178 Broadway Brooklyn, N.Y. 11211

Mon Apr 13 10:07:14 2009
this city used to be my paradise but now i will never think about it dream was living in nyc but now ...........................

Thu Apr 30 00:17:22 2009
Marketa, Love it . . . I have lived in Florida for ten years and am very New York homesick. Your sight was just the medicine I needed. Am going up for a week in May. You have done a great job on this site! Patricia

Wed May 6 14:53:40 2009
chcel som ist este kusok na sever, uptown, ci si nahodou neisla okolo mojej minulosti. inak super, potesilo ma to.

Tue Oct 6 06:47:59 2009
new york medical college

Sat Dec 5 09:02:19 2009
just returned from 1 day in NYC. Loved your site. Well done.

Thu Dec 31 20:03:39 2009
live kamera

Thu Jan 7 04:28:21 2010
pretty interesting. a great new take...

Fri Jan 8 19:32:45 2010

Sun Jan 10 18:19:28 2010
tvoje mapa New Yorku je podle me lepsi nez kterakoliv jina mapa New Yorku, protoze vystihuje atmosferu mist. Nevim, jestli to byl tvuj zamer, ale muzu ti rict, ze je skoda, ze jsem tuhle mapu nevidel misto Lonely Planet co jsem mel v kapse, kdyz jsem se do NYC vydaval...:) Zajimalo by me, jestli zvuky u obrazku jsou autenticky a nahrany na tech konkretnich mistech..? Taky se mi libi, ze tu mas odkazy na Yahoo maps, protoze te to ukazuje v sympatickym svetle cloveka, co chce pomoct, ne jako ignorantskej umelec co je "selv-contained" (jak je to cesky?) ve svym dile. Mej se! Honza Poborak (

Sun Jan 10 18:22:04 2010
teda myslel jsem "self-contained" haha

Sun Jan 24 19:45:26 2010

Sat Apr 24 05:17:37 2010

Tue Jun 8 07:42:30 2010
82 street

Thu Jul 29 17:35:26 2010

Sat Aug 7 12:23:25 2010
maps of house

Wed Sep 15 16:46:51 2010
it sucks so bad

Wed Sep 15 16:47:09 2010
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Sat Feb 26 19:37:07 2011

Sun Feb 27 09:57:06 2011
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Sun Mar 6 16:50:26 2011
you need to update your text next to the World Trade Center twin tower building !!!

Sun Apr 3 03:46:13 2011
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Mon Sep 12 18:51:18 2011
This is a really bad website.

Sun Sep 18 06:07:38 2011
Is newyork a good place

Fri Feb 27 12:17:34 2015
great site!

Fri Feb 27 12:18:08 2015
nice pictures

Sat Aug 22 12:14:51 2015
Skvělé! CH

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