New York for touching
(Sandra) which gives it more beautiful, than for hours its time in a Viennese to Caféhaus with a " Mélange " and a nice book too vertroedeln? To explore which more exciting than in Istanbul the Bazar? To watch which more romantic than in a sunny afternoon on the Seine the Frenchman the Baguette purchase? Evenly! Who wants to learn a city to know, the " true life " receives neither in the museum nor on the tourist mile, since one must already in the middle purely in the Getuemmel. Exactly that did the Czech Marketa Bankova in the passed year two months long in New York. And the mad to it: You can on its tracks change! If New York experiences, goes into the most remote corners, into the Subway, listens to you to original underground and road noise and read a few arbitrarily texts set in addition, short snapshots on a quite normal day in a quite normal large city. The whole works so hautnah - there I found it correctly unfortunate that one can transfer no smells in the Web still...
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